DTM Challenge -Week 5

Caroline Curtis led the ladies in age grade (77.85) and time (6:24) and Ian McGilloway did the same in the men’s (5:12, 78:41) in the first mile of his CoeVett-10 2 mile race.  An honourable mention for Torben J with the second fastest DT mile time and second fastest overall age grade (5:48, 77.94). There was a fine battle between Chris Woolgar (6:36, 73:09), Catherine O’Connor (6:51, 72:74) and Karen Puttock (6:35, 72:09) with Chris edging the age grades and Karen the time.

Jostling for position for another week Darren Crew (6:31, 65:09) pushed Tim Warren (6:09, 66:03) all the way to the line. Catherine-Anne Curtis took 26 seconds of her best for the CC DT replacement mile down the Leas.

This week will be the last full week of the DTM Spring series. The deadline for weekly submissions will be extended to Wednesday the 6 May in order to include the anniversary of Sir Roger Bannister breaking the four minute barrier for the mile.

The full results are available on the challenge page https://folkestonerunning.club/home/events/don-thompson-mile/don-thompson-spring-series/ ‘it’s not a race, it’s a personal challenge’. The times are either submitted or taken directly from Strava (the fastest segment time for FRC members in the last week) Not everyone listed is racing it and may be using the course as part of a longer run. Remember to follow the latest guidelines on social distancing.