Accessibility statement

We are proud to welcome any runner or supporter regardless of any sensory, cognitive or physical impairment.

To discuss how our training can accommodate a particular impairment please contact:

Website accessibility

Last updated 8 November 2020.

Our website is maintained by volunteers with limited knowledge of website development, and built using third party technology we have limited ability to control.

However we committed to ensuring that anyone can access, read and understand our content regardless of any sensory, cognitive or physical impairment.

We will:

  • provide text alternates for any non-text media such as images or videos.
  • write in Plain English, avoid jargon and explain complicated or unfamiliar words
  • explain acronyms in the first instance.
    (For example, Jill set a new Personal Best [PB]. Also setting PBs this weekend were…”
  • structure pages in a logical order and use correct headings and mark up
  • give each link a descriptive name and never use ‘click here’ or similar.

We will not use:

  • image or colour alone to convey important content
  • automatically-moving elements such as image carousels, or autoplaying videos
  • PDFs where we can feature the content on a webpage.

If you have any issues using this website please contact the website manager using

We aim to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG 2.1) at AA level, but are not compliant due to the following known issues.

Known issues

Colour contrast

If colour contrast isn’t high enough, things such as words or focus indicators may be hard for people to see.

Grey text in footer does not meet minimum contrast requirement.

Previous’ and ‘Next’ links to articles do not meet contrast requirements, including when focused on (Race reports).

Date at bottom of article does not meet contrast requirement (Race reports).

‘This site uses Akismet to reduce spam’ text does not meet minimum contrast requirement (Race reports).

Content focus

Content focus shows people who navigate using buttons or keyboards what part of the page they are currently focused on.

When in mobile view, ‘back to top button’ cannot be used with a keyboard. 

Focus indicators not present on ‘Email’ buttons (committee pages).

Cannot access or sort time with keyboard (Event pages).

Cannot access images via a keyboard – required due to popup functionality. Equally, the popup when image is clicked on cannot be controlled/focused on with a keyboard at all. 

Comment section is a partial keyboard trap – you cannot Shift+tab to the previous element when within it (race reports).

Focus indicators not consistently in place
Logo, buttons on page (Training during Covid, Join Folkestone Running Club…), 


Incorrect use of HTML code creates usability issues for users of assistive technology, such as screen readers.

Skipped heading levels – names are h5, section titles are h2 (committee pages)

Map frames and ‘Like this’ button do not have title attributes (Events, training plan, join us)

Missing H1 on the homepage

Skipped heading levels – ‘Try out training nights’ is a h4, ‘Three easy steps to becoming a member…’ is h2 (Join us)


Maps do not have an accessible alternative.

Race report images are missing alt-text.

Links used are not descriptive in some race reports.

Banner is marked as decorative but is showing members of the club.

‘Join online’ button does not have a clear description to a screen reader (Join us)

Images all have identical alt text. This is descriptive of the first image but not necessarily the others, and is disorientating to a screen reader user. (Club kit)

Images within buttons are missing alt-text.