DTM Challenge – Week 4

Fastest time overall this week went to Callum Howes, winning it by a mile with 5:23 (73.47) and a resurgent Torben J led the age grades, 5:48 (77.5). Caroline Curtis was fastest and age grade leader for the ladies with a cracking 6:36 (75.59, series PB) but had Catherine O’Connor, 6:51 (72.74, series PB) and debutante Karen Puttock hot on her heals with 6:55 (69.39). Also appearing this week with a solid 9:39 (63.8) was Deidre Coombes. Angela, Diane P, Chris Woolgar, DC and Brian Davis all ran their fastest time of the series: Chris by 50s, Diane P by 44s, Angela by 11s, Darren by 6s and Brian by 1s. With more competition starting soon the impromptu DTM Spring series will be looking to wrap up as the longer multi-distance events start. There is still a week or two to take advantage of any windy conditions to run your mile.

The full results are available on the challenge page https://folkestonerunning.club/home/events/don-thompson-mile/don-thompson-spring-series/

 ‘it’s not a race, it’s a personal challenge’. The times are either submitted or taken directly from Strava (the fastest segment time for FRC members in the last week) Not everyone listed is racing it and may be using the course as part of a longer run.