Don Thompson Spring Series

The Don Thompson Spring Series is a new event taking place during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: It’s a personal challenge and not a race, just like parkrun.

When exercising outdoors, always follow the Government’s advise on social distancing.

Once a week (Monday to Sunday) from 23 March 2020, runners can run the Don Thompson mile and submit their time.


The times are those submitted through the website or that are on the club Strava page for the segments this week. Club members may be pushing it or just passing through.

Week 1


The 8 week training plan will continue to be published by our coaches.

Remember the warm up, dynamics and warm down (plus easy recovery runs and a weekly long run)

For inspiration, read Steve Cram’s Tips For Running A Mile PB from Coachmag.


East to west

West to east