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Training is back

We’re excited to start training again from Tuesday 13 April.

Sessions will still be held under some covid restrictions, so read our guide to how it all works.

Latest race report

Jenny and Banjo’s 5k fun

Jenny ‘Twiggy’ Quinn and her young pup Banjo, conquered the brand new race site at Doddington Place Gardens. The race organisers offered those with just two legs their own races earlier on in the day, and then owners with their furry friends’ competing later. As it was Banjo’s first Canicross race (and Jen’s), she chose to run the 5k distance. Jenny exclaimed ‘first Canicross race completed, couldn’t be prouder of my boy!’. Banjo and Jen … Continue reading Jenny and Banjo’s 5k fun

Folkestone 10 mile 2021 – Results now live

Congratulations to all this year’s runners.

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