DTM Challenge – Week 2

East to west on the Don Thompson mile proved popular again in the second week of the spring challenge, fast becoming the most accurate historical record of the prevailing wind on the day it’s run. The hottest competition this week was between Darren Crew, David Weekes and Tim Warren. DC edged it on % age grade (70.11), with Dave W just behind (69.02). However, it was the youngster of the trio, Tim, that got it on time, recording 5:57 (68.53). Victoria Green scored the highest % age grade (58.6) and fastest time for the ladies (7:38), with Ian McGilloway doing the same for the men’s, equalling his time from week 1 (4:54) but without the 40mph tailwind this time. Brian Davis (“I shouldn’t be running”) dominated the V65 category and was a whisker off starting his time with a seven (8:01). Neil Trett ran the longest mile ever to be a fraction behind Brian’s age grade %, in 6:25. Torben J did very well to finish ahead of both with 63.01%. Tony Scott equalled Brian’s time with a strong 8:01. Jenny Quinn combined her mile with a hill session and Catherine-Anne Curtis created the ‘CC DT mile’ to stay safe with a run closer to home. The net downhill of ‘CC DT mile’ may prove popular, but it looks over distance by about 100m, so swing and roundabouts really. The recently ratified and sanctioned ‘Crabble Golden Mile’ in Dover is yet to be christened since the inception of the DTM challenge, though is hoped to attract the likes of Tyler, Voller, Creasy and Male.

Beautiful Sunday morning. Don Thompson Mile – Westbound finish, Eastbound start (Tony Scott)

The full results are available on the challenge page https://folkestonerunning.club/home/events/don-thompson-mile/don-thompson-spring-series/ ‘it’s not a race, it’s a personal challenge’. The times are either submitted or taken directly from Strava (the fastest segment time for FRC members in the last week) Not everyone listed is racing it and may be using the course as part of a longer run.