FRC update by Caroline Curtis

Folkestone running club – Weekend 28th March 2020 

Folkestone running club would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the local newspapers for providing media coverage for our runners who take part in so many different events, who all have different abilities, but bring so much to the club.

It is with sadness we find ourselves in these unprecedentedtimes, and whilst we are obeying the rules of lockdown, like everyone around the world, we hope the Corono virus will soon be beaten.

Meanwhile, Folkestone running club is trying to keep itsspirits high as all club activity was suspended on the 16thMarch.     Our head coach Catherine O’Connor has continuedto provide a weekly training plan which has been changed to reflect the global situation.   We train alone from the plan provided, maintaining our social distancing, posting on Folkestone running club’s social media site how we have got on. This motivational support does not stop there.   Running between the mile markers on ‘Princes parade’ is the Don Thompson Mile (The UK’s only gold medallist in the 1960 Summer Olympics for the 50km walk) which has been another incentive.  Keeping our social distancing, the idea is to run the mile, challenging ourselves by getting fitter and quicker each week, until we can get back to normal. 

Folkestone running club will keep you informed of our othermotivational ideas.

Folkestone running club wish everyone, also including our fellow clubs, a safe few weeks ahead.

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