Changes to Grand-prix scoring

For the 2020 grand-prix season we introduced the reward of bonus points for those runners who represent the club during the Cross Country season. The points are awarded for participation rather than performance, as we want runners of all abilities to represent the club. We did this to encourage runners to sign up for cross … Continue reading Changes to Grand-prix scoring

Grand-prix 2020: Race calendar and how to enter.

Although the 2019 grand-prix runs until 30 November (you can still score points), it's time to prepare for 2020. The 2020 season begins on 26 December with the traditional Saltwood Boxing Day run, and concludes on 30 November 2020. There are some changes to grand-prix rules this year, including the addition of cross-country. This post … Continue reading Grand-prix 2020: Race calendar and how to enter.