Changes to Grand-prix rules

As the end of 2019 Grand-prix season approaches we’re starting to plan ahead for the 2020 season. As such we have decided to make some changes to the rules for next year.

But before we get to 2020, a reminder of what the Grand-prix is…

What is the Grand-prix?

The Grand-prix is a year long competition, free to enter for full club members, which sees runners score points over a varied series of scheduled road races around Kent.

Runners compete in divisions against runners of similar ability with promotions and relegations based on performance each year. The 2019 season began on December 26 2019 and runs until November 30 2020. View current standings.

Entry details for the 2020 season will be announced late October.

So what’s changing?

We made big changes to the grand-prix structure in 2019; some of these changes have worked really well whilst some didn’t.

Previously members were grouped by gender and age category, with no consideration for the wide range of ability and experience at the club. We moved to a divisional system and, on the whole, this has been a success and received lots of positive feedback from members: Some areas though, need refinement.

We’ve reviewed the rules based on our own experience as well as member feedback and for 2020 will be making the following changes:

Removal of non-members

For 2019, non-members (who left mid-season) are not removed from the competition until the end of the season but are not eligible for either promotion or relegation. This makes the standing table overly cluttered and difficult to read. It may also result in some surprise relegations come end of year.

For example, a runner could finish outside the relegation positions but then fall into them once non-members are removed. Although the relegation would be fair, the surprise would be unwelcome.

Therefore in 2020, any resigning members will be removed from the grand-prix as soon as possible. After membership renewal season (March) any non-paid up members will also be removed.

Point scoring change

For 2020, we are reducing the number of points given to each division per event. This is so when runners miss an event they are not penalised as heavy for it.

Those with family commitments who miss an event lose up to 50 points. Some runners this year have got 50 points for being the only person in their division who turned up!

Anonymous member feedback
Event placing2019 points2020 points
1st 5025
Each subsequent place-1-1

Cross country

By popular demand, we’re adding cross country as a point scoring event for 2020!

Points will be given for representing the club at cross country events: 5 points for each league event plus an extra 5 for championship representation. This means each runner can win a maximum of 25 points.

Like volunteering events, these points are BONUS points. Meaning they go on top of your final competitive score, don’t depend on performance and cannot be taken away from you.

Due to the cross country season not aligning with our grand-prix season, the 2020 grand prix will award points based on the 2019/20 cross country season.

Sooooo, you can begin scoring points for the 2020 grand-prix by running cross country events this year!

What’s next?

The club captains and grand-prix coordinator will meet soon to finalise the 2020 race calendar, which will be announced here on the website.

Entry for new grand-prix members will be detailed in late October.

If you have any questions or feedback please get in touch via

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