FRAC. Berlin, London… Folkestone.

It has been a busy weekend for races this weekend. 

On Sunday Henry Axon travelled to Germany to compete in the Berlin Marathon.  After a horrible  start with literally 30 toilets for 47,000 people and a ridiculous crush for the start waves Henry soon got into a rhythm and pretty much held it. After completing an Iron Man only a few weeks ago, Henry  ran a great race, fuelling perfectly and according to Henry “ it was just the best feeling ever striding out the last couple of k’s to get sub 2:40.” Henry completed the course in a fantastic time of 2:39:45.

In London Jase O’Callaghan and Sophie O’Callaghan and Nick Bryant ran the Vitality London 10,000.  Nick Bryant completed the scenic 10k course around the streets of central London in 38:19 with Jase O’Callaghan finishing in 44:07, and Sophie O’Callaghan finishing in 1:05:43.

In Folkestone, Lots of FRAC runners turned out for the annual Folkestone Half Marathon.  The challenging course, which finishes with a run up the Road of Remembrance and then a long gentle climb all the way up the Leas, was made even more challenging by the strong crosswinds. 

Karl Gloster 01:21:10, Simon Ramsay 01:23:22, Trevor Devooght 01:27:18, Josh Pine 01:29:07, Torben Jessen 01:29:34, Luke Byron-Davies 01:29:36, Harry Wall 01:30:59 (new PB by 3 minutes), Sujan Rai 01:31:17, Dominic Shepherd 01:34:43 (new PB by 9 minutes), Nikki Goodwin 01:37:13, Gregory Dixon 01:41:52, Ian Vousden  01:46:10 (new PB by 11 minutes), Thomas Aspinall 01:46:13, Simon Burvill 01:55:12, Philip Heathfield 01:55:43, John O’Hara 01:55:48, Jason King 01:56:24, David Bowerman 01:56:47, Diane Parsons 01:57:14, Paul Hannay 02:00:43, Alan Randall 02:01:33, Jennifer Quinn 02:02:30, Anthony Scott 02:03:07, Sonia Markwell 02:07:14, Ron Bell 01:49:31.


This week a large contingent of FRAC runners took part in the new Dover parkrun, with the women having a very successful day.  FRAC women came in second (Deborah Jeffery, 21:21), third (Vicky Scott, 21:37), forth (Karla Larnder, 22:14) and fifth (Louisa Eede, 22:15).  Also running from FRAC were Ron Bell 22:53, Alan Randall 25:05, Jane Wren 25:38, Philip Bridges 25:44, Diane Parsons 25:45, Collette Windsor 28:40, Harley Turrell 29:21

At home, in Folkestone 32 runners from FRAC completed the run.  First back for the club was Rob Collier 19:12, followed by Ian Merrick 19:20, Dominic Shepherd 19:27, Nick Steele 19:35, Phil Hoyland 20:18, David Gillett 20:53, Greg Dixon 20:59, James Springett 21:10, Caroline Curtis 23:42, Kevin Whitby 23:53, Phil Haines 23:54, Rob Hill 23:58, Jason O’Callaghan 24:05, Ian Vousden 24:23, Anthony Scott 24:56, Richard Pickering 25:55, Eleanor Meo 26:01, Stuart Erskine 26:34, Kirsty Gardiner 27:31, Marie Brazier 27:47, Aldous Hosking 27:49, Deirdre Coombs 28:09, Neil Adams 28:59, Jason Herridge 30:28, Simon Burvill 31:10, Liam Cumber 31:24, Roy Atkins 31:52, Mark Macfarlane 32:35, Brian Davis 37:30, Jacob Burvill 38:30, Kayleigh Cumber 40:38, Kate Lancefield 1:00:41.