Near and Far

The hottest summer on record continues to visit Folkestone more graciously with cool winds and rainy days. Ideal conditions for those FRAC champions who have put in some strong efforts this past week.

We start with Karla Larnder’s report from the Rye 10k which took place on 4th August. This is the second of three races in the Rye summer series through Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. As Karla describes it, ‘This 10k was fast and furious. Everyone ran their socks off. We had rain before the start so we had puddles and slippery surfaces. It was Sarah (Nunn) and Phil (Bridges)’s first time. Pleased I had a go. Next one is in September.’

Next up, Maria Felicetti writes in about ‘the hardest race I have ever run – the Vanguard Half Marathon.’ On 5th August, Maria secured 22nd female on a course crossing hills, forests, mud, roads and a tram line. If you’ve seen her photos on Facebook you’ll see that when it comes to blood, sweat, and tears, she earned her medal with no less than two out of three. Way to go, Maria!

Tony Scott gives us the proverbial and literal rundown on his trek to Totnes 10k:

‘Considering I’ve been avoiding trail runs because I turned my ankle a few weeks back, it’s been a long weekend. After running the tricky Parke trail Parkrun yesterday, today I ran the Totnes 10k. This again was a tough 10k (and then some, it ended up being 6.69 miles) trail run with some tough inclines. The official times are not in yet, but my Strava time was 1:03:47. Both courses were amazing, and I would highly recommend them.’

Achieving virtual superhero status, Stuart Spinks laced up for the Centurions North Downs Way 100! As their site reads, ‘The NDW100 is a 100 mile continuous train run along the North Downs Way…Total climb of 10,000 feet.’ Stuart adds, ‘I headed off at 7am in horrendous stormy conditions and completed the 101.2 mile course from Farnham (Surrey) to the Julia Rose in Ashford in a time of 26:47 hours!’ Stuart, you’re an inspiration to us all!

Stuart Spinks at the Centurion North Downs Way 100
Stuart Spinks at the Centurion North Downs Way 100

Finally, runners across the district turned out for Sunday’s Track Attack event at Three Hills in support of the Channel Rotary Million Miles project. Participants walked, jogged, ran and more on the spanking new track to log as many laps of 400 metres as possible in 2 hours. Catherine O’Conner writes in that she made 53 laps for a total of 13.66 miles. Just another day at the office for Coach Catherine!

parkrun cup results

Club action continues as Round 3 approaches its conclusion. Darren Crew provides the latest in his roundup posted from St Albans:

A Cup

Paul Hannay vs Sonia Markwell
Paul ran 24.15 (102.7%) and Sonia ran 27.19 (98.0%) Paul wins!
Trudi Curd vs Jase O’Callaghan
Trudi ran 26.17 (103.3%) and Jase ran 21.34 (103.6%) so close, but Jase wins and sets a new PB!

B Cup

Catherine O’Connor vs Harry Wall
The coach ran 21.55 (103.3%) and Harry ran 19.03 (102.0%) another close one, but Catherine wins!
Paul Bartlett vs Phil Maull
Paul ran 18.46 (102.5%) and Mr Maull ran 23.38 (98.4%) Paul wins and sets a new PB!
A.J. Randall vs Greg Dixon
Alan ran 24.27 (98.2%) and Greg ran 21.10 (102.9%) Greg wins!

parkrun results

Members run far and wide, especially in the summertime. Read on to see where FRAC has shown up to parkun at home and on the road – places like Aberdeen where Torben Jessen says, ‘If you want better weather, go North!’

As a reminder, if you don’t see your name featured in weekly parkrun results, you can update your parkrun profile to show your club affiliation. The press office will be able to see your name alongside your clubmates in parkrun’s consolidated run report.

Folkestone parkrun

Prakash Gurung 17:34, Tristan Bruce 18:42, Paul Barlett 18:46, Phil Hoyland 19:16, Ian Merrick 19:59, Jason O’Callaghan 21:34, Catherine O’Conner 21:55, Simon Coffey 22:12, Deborah Jeffery 22:46, Linnaea Stockall 23:25, Phil Maull 23:38, Paul Hannay 24:15, Phil Haines 24:17, Richard Pickering 24:24, Alan Randall 24:27, James Springett 24:28, Stuart Erskine 24:44, Tomas Lane 24:54, Gail Turbutt 25:32, Trudi Curd 26:17, Anh-Van Whitby 26:18, Diane Parsons 26:41, Collette Windsor 27:11, Sonia Markwell 27:19, Jane Wren 27:20, Deirdre Coombs 27:37, Aldous Hosking 28:10, Debbie Dunham 28:25, Malcolm Gibbs 28:30, Jonathan Drinkwater 28:41, Jessica Harrington 29:31, Kevin Whitby 29:39, Julie Gibbs 30:25, Brian Davis 39:28, Catherine-Anne Curtis 42:07

Aberdeen parkrun

Torben Jessen 22:52

Rostrevor parkrun

Martin Murray 21:49

Ashford parkrun

Rebekah Newton 31:03, Maria Chapman 31:26

Canterbury parkrun

Karla Larnder 23:42

Pegwell Bay parkrun

Simon Ramsay 17:06

Penrith parkrun

Andrew Smith 24:47, Lisa Smith 28:22

Parke parkrun

Anthony Scott 28:19

Walmer and Deal parkrun

Nicholas Bryant 18:44

Jersey Farm parkrun

Darren Crew 21:14, Jody Stoakes 25:06

Queen’s parkrun, Glasgow

Henry Axon 18:31, Amy Owen 37:32