With a little effort and a lot of Pride.

With it being the height of summer (although we are still waiting for the sun to arrive) and lots of people away on their holidays there were very few races on this weekend.  However, this weekend, Henry Axon took part in Outlaw Nottingham (an Iron distance triathlon) swimming 2.4 miles, cycling 112 miles and finishing it off with a marathon. Total time: 10 hours 21 mins with an overall placing of 34th. The bike course was nice and fast but strong winds made the last 30k a slog! Furthermore, on the Saturday Amy Owen swam 5k in the Outlaw Swim!

On Sunday 3 Folkestone Running Club members completed in the East Peckham 10k.  Fortunately the clouds did break and it was a hot, sunny, but also very windy 10k race.  First back for the club was David Tyler in sixth place overall in a time of 34:46.  He was followed by Anthony Scott in 54:01 and Jason King in 57:01.

This weeks parkruns

This week saw  Folkestone Running Club taking over the running of the Folkestone parkrun on Folkestone Pride weekend.  Lots of club runners, dressed in a rainbow of bright colours, provided timed pacers, in addition to the other volunteer rolls that are needed on a weekly basis in order for the run to take place. Prakash GURUNG was the first runner back in a time of 17:17, followed in second place by Simon RAMSAY 17:39.  FRC runner Karla Larnder was the second female back in 21:51 and Deborah Jeffery was the third female back in 22:25.  Also running were: Nicholas Bryant 19:16, Elliot Chapman-Jones 19:24, Ian Merrick 19:49, Jacob Henwood 19:55, Nick Steele 20:54, Philip Heathfield 21:12, Phil Hoyland 21:19, Joseph Carroll 21:55, Paul Bartlett 22:03, Tristan Bruce 22:56, Ben Hancox 23:22, Phil Haines 24:05, Rob Collier 24:07, Rob Hill 25:05, Bex Bell 25:45, Ron Bell 25:53, Daniel Voller 26:28, Catherine O’connor 26:53, Jason Herridge 26:55, Jennifer Quinn 26:59, Anthony Scott 27:04, Philip Bridges 27:05, Jason O’Callaghan 27:44, Sylwia Tokarska 27:55, Jane Wren 28:45, Debbie Dunham 28:47, Rebekah Newton 28:48, Liam Cumber 30:01, Trevor Devooght 30:43, David Botting 31:08, Gary Brazier 31:42, Julie Gibbs 33:17, Paul Hannay 34:05, Kate Lancefield 35:06, Lisa Smith 35:12, Trudi Curd 36:31, Philip Maull 38:46, Caron Inder 38:47, Emily Lancefield 39:12, Kayleigh Cumber 41:57, Collette Windsor 43:51, Neil Adams 50:02.

Silkswork parkrun

Anh-Van Whitby was the 3rd female back in a time of 24:06, with Kevin Whitby finishing in a time of 41:09.

Colwick parkrun

Henry Axon finished in a time of 23:35, with Amy Owen finishing in a time of 32:15.

Norwich parkrun

Roy Atkins finished in 29:49

Ashford parkrun

Alan Randal ran the course in 24:54, with Christopher Woolgar finishing in 26:13.

Kirkwall parkrun

Torben Jessen completed the course in 21:23.

Rock Creek Trail parkrun

David Gillett was the first runner back in a time of 18:34 with Kirsty Gardiner being the second female back in a time of 27:02.

Mote Park parkrun

Greg Dixon completed it in 22:39