Hail to the King!

This week we had plenty of opportunity for our club runners to socialise both in their trainers and out of them. First, we had an excellent turnout for the Summer 9 – the summer variant of the popular Winter 9 route that navigates from Three Hills to the Leas, through the harbour, up Eastcliff, and back via Radnor Park. Next, it was all smiles on Friday as FRC members participated in the long-awaited track opening ceremony.

Then it was back to the trails for the Wye King Challenge, so named in memory of the chalk crown erected there to honour the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902. The event includes both a 10k and a half marathon. Naturally, our runners took the latter route. Well done, all!

RunnerOverall finish placeFinish time
Diane Parsons6302:29:38
Rachel Smith6702:30:03
Jennifer Quinn6802:32:17
Philip Heathfield7802:41:39
Anthony Scott7902:41:40
Rachel Smith, Diane Parsons, Tony Scott, Twiggy Quinn, and Phil Heathfield; credit Phil Maull


Folkestone parkrun

Henry Axon 16:48, Prakash Gurung 17:24, Simon Ramsay 17:44, Tristan Bruce 18:14, Thomas Murray 18:26, Krzysztof Klidzia 18:37, Nicholas Bryant 18:46, Dominic Shepherd 20:06, Nikki Goodwin 20:40, Nick Steele 21:24, Daniel Voller 21:43, Thomas Aspinall 21:51, Thomas Millard 21:54, James Springett 21:55, Greg Dixon 21:56, Jonathan Arana-Morton 22:00, Vicky Scott 22:22, Paul Bartlett 22:23, Darren Philip 22:39, Jason O’Callaghan 22:43, Martin Murray 22:49, Linnaea Stockall 22:51, Louisa Eede 23:39, Catherine O’Conner 23:52, Anh-Van Whitby 23:56, Phil Haines 24:09, David Botting 25:07, Philip Maull 25:24, Christopher Woolgar 26:03, Gary Brazier 26:20, Jason Herridge 26:54, Marie Brazier 27:22, Anthony Scott 27:23, Aldous Hosking 27:35, Deirdre Coombs 27:37, Neil Adams 27:38, Liam Cumber 28:20, Amy Owen 30:10, Rebekah Newton 30:23, Sonia Markwell 30:23, Simon Burvill 31:02, Kate Lancefield 32:08, Jacob Burvill 32:12, Anna Hegarty 32:30, Rachel Yorke 32:32, Margaret Whitham 32:52, Kayleigh Cumber 40:28, Kevin Whitby 54:10

Kingston parkrun

Deborah Jeffery 23:28

Whitstable parkrun

Paul Hannay 25:34

Carrickfergus parkrun

Elliot Chapman-Jones 19:02

Lullingstone parkrun

Caroline Curtis 26:33

Walmer and Deal Seafront parkrun

Ian Merrick 19:47

Teignmouth Promenade parkrun

Jane Wren 25:44, Alan Randall 25:46

Oriam parkrun

Sylwia Tokarska 27:22