What a turnout !!! 50 FRC runners in one race !!!!

Sunday saw the Annual Folkestone Coastal 10k. The weather was perfect for racing. A total 50 club members entered and there were some amazing results. New member Karl Gloster was 3rd overall out of 721 in a time of 33:31. There were also some first places in several age categories: Oliver Collier was 1st Junior male. Catherine O’Connor was 1st Vet female 50 with Hazel Green 2nd Vet female 50. David Smyth was 1st male Vet 65 with Deirdre Coombs 1st Vet female 65. Nikki Goodwin was 2nd Vet female 40 and Jane Wren was also 2nd Vet female 55 . There were also PB’s for many of those racing-(18 at the last count!) Fantastic results and well done to all those who took part.

PlaceChip TimeName
300:33:31Karl Gloster
2400:36:57Patrick Hughes pb
3300:37:53Ian Merrick pb
4500:38:29Paul Bartlett pb
4600:38:30Nick Bryant pb
5200:39:27Will Jarvis pb
5400:39:31James Springett
5500:39:27Sujan Rai
5900:39:47Harry Wall pb
6300:40:17Rob Hill
6500:40:42Thomas Murray
6900:41:04Oliver Collier
8400:42:08Nikki Goodwin
8500:42:23Daren Wild
9400:43:25Martin Murray pb
9500:43:28Catherine O’connor pb
9600:43:26Linnaea Stockall pb
10200:44:01David Smyth
10600:44:24Kirsty Wilson pb
11000:44:27Kevin Whitby
13500:45:33Phil Maul pb
4300:46:12Dominic Shepherd
14700:46:14Stuart Erskine
14800:46:06Hazel Green pb
15100:46:23Jason O’Callaghan pb
16900:47:27Karla larnder
17500:47:42Joseph Carroll pb
17700:47:44Tony Scott
18200:47:50Ron Bell pb
18600:47:50Jane Wren pb
18900:47:50Jonathan Drinkwater
19900:48:36Bex Bell pb
20600:48:50Alan Randall
21700:49:08Sylwia Tokarska
22500:49:23Bill Woledge
22600:49:31Simon Burvill pb
24300:50:17Laura Gilbert
26600:51:38 Andrew Smith
29000:52:44John O’hara
33200:54:33Deirdre Coombs
35800:55:39Malcolm Gibbs
38800:56:24Jason Herridge
44700:58:56Victoria Green
45900:59:57Sophie O’Callaghan
46000:59:57Denise King pb
46100:59:57Collette Windsor
48801:00:50Kate Lancefield pb
52701:02:27Chris Childs
52801:02:21Maria Felicetti
63301:10:06Catherine-Ann Curtis

Meanwhile in Edinburgh Caroline Curtis was racing in the marathon. She finished in 3:59:36. This gave her 48th place in the Vet 50 female and 50th female overall. A fabulous result.

Parkrun results are as follows: Congratulations to Kate Lancefield and Helen Francis on achieving PB’s this week whilst completing against each in the A cup second round – sadly there can only be one winner.

Folkestone: MERRICK 00:18:51 Nick STEELE 00:20:14 Nicholas BRYANT 00:20:53 Emily CHAMBERS 00:21:09 Vicky SCOTT 00:22:34 Louisa EEDE 00:22:35 Philip MAULL 00:23:18 Jonathan DRINKWATER 00:23:38 Simon BURVILL 00:24:04 Christopher WOOLGAR 00:24:19 Stuart ERSKINE 00:24:53 Hazel GREEN 00:26:06 Catriona WATTS 00:26:06 Kirsty GARDINER 00:26:28 Rebekah NEWTON 00:26:32 Leah WESTWOOD 00:26:43 Trudi CURD 00:27:34 Debbie DUNHAM 00:28:06 Kevin WHITBY 00:28:07 Hayley TURRELL 00:28:08 Gary BRAZIER 00:28:12 Richard DYER 00:28:17 Kate LANCEFIELD 00:28:55 pb Carolyn LEWIS 00:29:48 Helen Francis 30:44pb Amy OWEN 00:31:10 Elizabeth TEW 00:31:11 Catherine-Anne CURTIS 00:33:12 Kayleigh CUMBER 00:40:26 Canterbury: Karla Larnder 24:07 Portobello Edinburgh: Brent Parker 33:12 Caroline Curtis 33:13 Portsmouth Lakeside: Deborah Jeffery 22:27 Squerryes Winery: Andrew Tremain 27:20 Queen’s Park Glasgow: Pam Allon 28:26