Terrific Tara does it again!

It was just another day for Tara Baker who completed marathon 178, The SVN Chocothon at Betteshanger Park on Saturday. She finished the trail course in a time of 4:29:00. A fantastic effort for a cold January morning.

At the Parkrun there was a strong representation from FRC with 39 runners taking part. Ann Van Whitby ran a PB time of 23:06 and was 6th female and 1st female Vet 50. At the Whitstable event Henry Axon finished first with a time for 17:56 – Henry said he was sure he could have achieved an even quicker time were it not for the cross country section of the course. Times are as follows:

Krzysztof KLIDZIA 00:18:22 Tristan BRUCE 00:19:12 Phil HOYLAND 00:19:44 David GILLETT 00:19:45 Ro+A5:A39b COLLIER 00:19:56 Ian MERRICK 00:20:49 Kevin WHITBY 00:22:10 Linnaea STOCKALL 00:22:38 Vicky SCOTT 00:22:44 Ron BELL 00:22:51 Dominic WOOLFORD 00:22:52 Louisa EEDE 00:22:53 Darren CREW 00:23:05 Anh-Van WHITBY 00:23:06 Philip MAULL 00:24:05 Nikki GOODWIN 00:24:12 Anthony SCOTT 00:24:24 Simon BURVILL 00:24:30 Hazel GREEN 00:24:51 Stuart ERSKINE 00:25:16 Catherine O’CONNOR 00:25:29 Chris ADDISON 00:25:49 Deirdre COOMBS 00:26:04 Jason HERRIDGE 00:26:19 Sylwia TOKARSKA 00:26:22 David WALBROOK 00:26:32 Maria CHAPMAN 00:27:08 Jody STOAKES 00:27:20 Richard DYER 00:28:02 Tekah BARROW 00:28:42 Collette WINDSOR 00:28:59 Hayley TURRELL 00:29:56 Julie GIBBS 00:30:45 Malcolm GIBBS 00:30:46 Carolyn LEWIS 00:31:38 Maria FELICETTI 00:31:55 Kate LANCEFIELD 00:34:33 Catherine-Anne CURTIS 00:34:34 Karen PUTTOCK 00:54:32

Canterbury Diane Parsons 00:31:14

Whitstable Henry  Axon 00:17:56 Karla Larnder 00:23:15 Amy Owen 00:30:22

Margate  Deborah Jeffrey 00:23:34

Swanley Caroline Curtis  00:20:07

This weekend also saw the return of the Annual Paul Hill Memorial Run. There was a fantastic turn out for this 5 mile trail run that isn’t for the faint hearted. The run saw participants climb Tolsford Hill and finished where it started in the Sandling Railway carpark. All runners were greeted by Christine Hill who amazing cakes seemed to fuel the after run dance party that took place in afterwards.