Marathons are back: London and Loch Ness!!

Today saw the start of the marathon season. There were plenty of runners from Folkestone at today’s race. The weather was perfect and there were some excellent performances. First man home was Adam Porter in 2:38:54 followed closely by Dave Tyler in 2:40:58, while the first woman was Deborah Jeffery in 3:42:42. There were PB’s for Diane Parsons in 4:04:45, a massive 21 minutes and Kate Lancefield in 5:11:24. Ivana Collier, who had the club place, also did amazingly well but unfortunately was taken ill at 24 miles and had to retire. Based on her estimated finish time she would have come in around 3:36. Full results are below:

Chris Addison 03:52:24 Jonathan Arana Morton 03:09:15 Henry Axon 02:57:12 Simon Burvill 04:23:42 Louise Fowler 06:28:00 Hazel Green 04:01:00 Deborah Jeffery 03:32:42 Torben Jessen 03:42:05 Ray Johnson 04:55:19 Kate Lancefield 05:11:24 Diane Parsons 04:04:45 Adam Porter 2:38:54 Karen Puttock 03:57:56 Jason Ransley 03:19:56 David Tyler 02:40:58 Daniel Voller 03:16:39.

Further afield Collette Windsor and Ron Bell ran the Loch Ness Marathon both finishing in 4:22:06. For Collette this was PB by over an hour and a half on a super hilly course and for Ron it was his first marathon. Well done to both of you.

Results from this week’s parkrun saw Louisa Eede reach her 100th while Catherine- Ann Curtis achieved a PB on windy damp morning on the Leas. Results are as follows: Rob COLLIER 00:18:51 Tristan BRUCE 00:18:56 Nicholas BRYANT 00:19:23 David GILLETT 00:20:35 Hester HILL 00:21:03 Paul BARTLETT 00:21:52 Stuart ERSKINE 00:22:29 Anthony SCOTT 00:23:08 Louisa EEDE 00:23:11 Kirsty WILSON 00:23:22 Vicky SCOTT 00:23:30 Henry AXON 00:23:50 Ian MERRICK 00:24:13 Catherine O’CONNOR 00:24:25 Philip MAULL 00:24:34 Richard PICKERING 00:24:59 Clive ALLON 00:26:02 Trudi CURD 00:27:09 Deirdre COOMBS 00:27:12 Richard DYER 00:27:20 Malcolm GIBBS 00:28:34 Julie GIBBS 00:28:55 Catherine-Anne CURTIS 00:31:09 Lynsey TIGHY 00:31:18 David WALBROOK 00:33:43 Debbie DUNHAM 00:34:56 Rebekah NEWTON 00:35:08 Kate LANCEFIELD 00:50:49. Foot Cray: Caroline Curtis 00:23:44 Brett Parker 00:32:11. Torvean, Scotland: Collette Windsor 00:33:47 Ron Bell 00:33:48