Fantastic PB’s at a very warm Paddock Wood Half Marathon.

After a delay of 18 months the Paddock Wood Half Marathon took place on a uncharacteristically hot day for this summer but it didn’t stop some amazing performances from our members. Rob Collier and Paul Barrett ran PB’s in really tough conditions while Ivana Collier continued her run of PB races to finish 7th out 155 in her age category. Results were as follows:

PlaceGun TimeName Chip Time
4901:17:40David Tyler01:17:38
5101:17:55David Gillett01:17:53
9201:22:02Krzysztof Klidzia01:21:58
12801:26:19Robert Collier01:26:07
13901:27:48Paul Bartlett01:27:37
26701:37:46Ivana Collier01:37:20
46101:48:33Catherine O’Connor01:48:06
62701:57:11Diane Parsons01:56:21
65701:58:26Catherine Clipstone01:57:36
79002:05:35Tony Scott02:05:08
97702:15:29Jennifer Quinn02:15:02
122502:38:31Roisin Bunt02:36:53

This weeks’ Park runs resulted in two PB’s; one for Nick Bryant and one for Olli Collier: smashing PB’s seems to run in the Collier family this week.

Noah PATERSON00:16:20
Tristan BRUCE00:18:46
Nicholas BRYANT00:19:15
David WEEKES00:20:00
Daniel VOLLER00:20:29
Chris ADDISON00:23:01
Nikki GOODWIN00:23:17
Louisa EEDE00:23:34
Anthony SCOTT00:24:02
Andrew TREMAIN00:24:15
Ian MERRICK00:24:35
Ivana COLLIER00:24:42
Liam CUMBER00:25:19
Brian DAVIS00:25:33
Richard PICKERING00:25:48
Clive ALLON00:25:51
Deirdre COOMBS00:25:56
Karen PUTTOCK00:26:40
Richard DYER00:26:53
Arthur RIGBY00:27:29
Jason O’CALLAGHAN00:27:53
John O’HARA00:28:00
Gary BRAZIER00:28:01
Martin MURRAY00:28:13
Marie BRAZIER00:28:44
Julie GIBBS00:29:14
Kate LANCEFIELD00:29:53
David WALBROOK00:31:26
Collette WINDSOR00:31:28
Ron BELL00:31:29
Kayleigh CUMBER00:37:33
Malcolm GIBBS00:51:26
Paul Walsh00:24:43
Kirsty Wilson 00:29:15
Deborah Jeffery00:21:21
Vicky Scott 00:24:14
Torben Jessop 00:20:43

Last week also saw the Club Handicap Race held at the Hythe Sailing Club. The men’s race was won by Noah Paterson in a superb time of 21:37 while in form Ivana Collier won the women’s in 27:02. However the winner of the men’s Handicap was new club member Joe Warriner. Well done Joe.

RunnerRun timeHandicapFinish time
Noah Paterson21:3716:0037:37:00
Stephen Male22:4115:0037:41:00
Henry Axon22:5514:0036:55:00
Rob Collier24:00:0013:0037:00:00
Paul Bartlett25:22:0011:0036:22:00
Krzystof Klidzia25:50:0014:0039:50:00
Torben Jessen25:52:0012:0037:52:00
Oli Collier26:12:0010:0036:12:00
Ivana Collier27:02:0009:0036:02:00
Nick Steele27:40:0010:0037:40:00
Tom Millard27:46:0010:0037:46:00
Karen Puttock28:39:0009:0037:39:00
Caroline Curtis28:51:0008:0036:51:00
Simon Coffey29:11:0008:0037:11:00
Joe Warriner29:13:0004:0033:13:00
Richard Fowles29:19:0008:0037:19:00
Andy Hadlow29:33:0009:0038:33:00
Philip Heathfield29:41:0008:0037:41:00
Emily Chambers29:42:0009:0038:42:00
Jonathon Drinkwater29:43:0005:0034:43:00
Tony Scott30:20:0007:0037:20:00
Leah Westwood30:22:0007:0037:22:00
Catherine O’Connor30:27:0006:0036:27:00
Martin Murray30:35:0004:0034:35:00
Louisa Eede30:51:0007:0037:51:00
Sylwia Tokarska31:22:0004:0035:22:00
Diane Parsons31:28:0006:0037:28:00
Trudi Curd31:56:0003:0034:56:00
Phil Maull32:33:0003:0035:33:00
Gail Turbutt32:57:0006:0038:57:00
Jon Watts33:03:0006:0039:03:00
Brian Davis33:49:0001:0034:49:00
Deirdre Coombs33:52:0004:0037:52:00
Debbie Dunham33:53:0004:0037:53:00
Pam Allon35:23:0000:0035:23:00
Amy Owen37:04:0000:0037:04:00
Maria Felicetti38:49:0001:0039:49:00
Louise Fowler39:03:0000:0039:03:00
Angela Warren40:43:0000:0040:43:00
Kate Lancefield41:00:0000:0041:00:00
Catherine-Anne Curtis44:56:0000:0044:56:00