Lockdown Returns

Lockdown v2.0 is upon us which unfortunately means that all races have had to be cancelled or postponed. However, it does mean that the Lockdown League has returned! Run by Ashford and District, it gives runners a chance to compete against the clock and each other by running set distances each week. 

Last week it was 3 miles. Nikki Goodwin and Diane Parsons both submitted a time. Nikki was a fantastic 5th overall in a time of 20:59 while Diane finished in 32nd with 24:56. This week it is 5 miles, submit your time by 6pm on Sunday on this form

While there may be a parkrun shaped hole in our Saturday mornings at the moment, you can still take part in the (not)parkrun, where you can run 5k and then submit your time independently. A few FRCers took part last week, well done to Diedre Coombes (28:26), Jody Stoakes (30:41), Darren Crew (23:45), Rob Huish (23:52), Caroline Curtis (33:07), Diane Parsons (25:39) and Brian Davis (25:37). It seems some other parkruns in Kent are turning this into a bit of a competition and there is a league table of who has the most times submitted. You can submit your time on the parkrun site

In the absence of any physical races, it’s a great time to get out and about and just enjoy running. Paul and Catherine enjoyed their run along the top of the white cliffs (small tumble aside) enjoying some great views in perfect weather. 

White Cliffs view
Paul and Catherine