Ton up for Tara

Ultra Running

Ultra runner Tara Baker ran her second 100 mile event at the SVN Halloween 100 miler on 31st October. The route included laps of Samphire Hoe, up the tunnel and along the cliffs before going back down again for more laps. She started at 8am Saturday morning, continued through the moonlit night, and finished on Sunday morning.

Tony Scott

Mountains may crumble, civilisations may rise and fall, lockdown will come and go, but one thing we can count on is that Tony Scott will still be out there racing twice a week and not even a bit of traffic congestion near Sturry will keep him from the start line. Here it is in his own words:

“On Monday I ran the 2020 Virtual TCS New York City Marathon around the streets of Folkestone and Hythe. Knowing that a marathon is tough at the best of times I still wasn’t prepared for how tough a virtual one is, without the company of others to drag you on and spectators to give you encouragement. Luckily I bumped into Torben at about 15 miles, who extended his run to keep me company and encourage me on when it was desperately needed. In the end I finished the distance in 4:54:23, which, everything considered, I am quite happy with.
Having heard that there might be another lockdown and because my medal shelf is looking very bare this year, although my legs were still sore, I ran the Maverick Terrex Kent Trail Series, medium course (about 10k) yesterday. Due to Road works in Sturry, near the course I was held up and didn’t arrive until 10 minutes after the last start time, but due to the nature of races now, the organisers were so helpful and let me get out and run the race (as long as I stayed in front of the guys clearing the markers who were just leaving.) It was a fantastic run, which I completed in 1:00:34”