Hills and Thrills for Neil

Neil Trett ran the Endurance Life Sussex Half Marathon at Birling Gap. Reports were that it was brutally hilly but picturesque trail race. 

Neil exclaimed that, ‘I thought my weekly hilly trail runs I would be well prepared for this…the hills just kept coming, one after another, these were the seven sisters after all! I resorted to walking many of them for the first time ever, as did nearly everyone. Thankfully the last third of the race offered a chance to stretch the legs on a slight downhill and make up some of the time lost walking the uphills. It was a great experience, and one I hope to be better prepared for physically and mentally next time”.

Neil completed the course in a decent 2 hours, 4 minutes and 39 seconds. 

Up in North Kent at the Dartford Half Marathon, frequent racer Tony Scott obtained a great time of 01:47:25. Tony fed back that it was a ‘nice course, and slightly breezy’, making a change from the recent storms we have had to endure. 

One of the club’s younger members, Oliver Collier took part in a school team Ironman event organized by Jamie Platts also a member of FRC and also Oliver’s PE teacher at the Dover grammar school for boys (DGSB). The students worked in teams to complete the total distance of 140.6 miles at Betteshanger Park. The team of boys did either rowing, cycling and running. Oliver was chosen to complete the 10km run but decided to challenge himself and ended up running 13.1 miles in 01:51:00 with a 1.8 mile warm up. Prior to this his longest run was 8k.

The Folkesone Running Club Parkrun cup is in full swing with three ties in the A cup this Saturday.

In round 1, Nick Steele scored a very respectable 97.7 as he took on Darren Crew. It wasn’t quite enough to go through though as Darren scored 103.1 to move into round 2.

Also in round 1, Chris Addison set a target score of 96.7 in his tie against Rob Collier. Unfortunately for Chris, Rob was on fire to score 105.1 and move into round 2, whilst Chris joins Nick in the B competition.

In round 2, there was a titanic battle as Ian McGilloway scored a big 103.6, as he once again led the whole field and it was too much for Tristan Bruce who scored a brave 102.8 in reply.

Parkrun round up

First back for the club and in first place overall was Ian MCGILLOWAY in 17:31 closely followed by Phil HOYLAND in 17:54.

David GILLETT 18:40

Nick STEELE 18:44

Tristan BRUCE 18:56

Rob COLLIER 19:26

Darren CREW 19:51

Paul BARTLETT 20:08

Stuart ERSKINE 21:04

Chris ADDISON 21:36

Daren WILD 21:38

Catherine O’CONNOR 25:02

Jody STOAKES 25:07

John O’HARA 26:09

Deirdre COOMBS 26:12

David WALBROOK 26:29

Anthony SCOTT 27:18

Gary BRAZIER 27:19

Philip MAULL 27:56

Richard FOWLES 29:28

Debbie DUNHAM 29:34

Catherine-Anne CURTIS 33:30

David DENYER 47:00

East Grinsted Parkrun

Callum HOWES 21:35 First man back 

Malling Parkrun

Debbie Jeffrey 22:33

Walmer and Deal Parkrun

David TYLER 17:13 First man back

Ian MERRICK 21:03 (PB)

Oliver Collier at School Ironman Competition

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