A busy weekend of Running!

Those of Folkestone Running Club have been busy this weekend, taking part in marathons, triathlons and 5k races.

Results and times from the famous ‘Round the Houses’ event will be available in the week, however, there were some successes in Rob Hill coming in second overall, with other club runners Simon Coffey and Joe Bruce coming second in his race. More details regarding the race next week.

In addition to the more grown up runners, toddler Nathaniel took part in his own race round the houses. Proud club member Zoe Neale was proud to report on her son’s debut achievement.

The town of Hythe was busy on Sunday, with not only the ’round the houses race’ but also the Hythe Bay Tri, hosted by Ashford Tri Club. Club runner Andrew Smith completed the race in 15th position in a time of 00:59:21.

Further afield, across the sea in Copenhagen, Torben Jesson completed the marathon there in 3:03:28. Huge congratulations to Torben on this amazing time.

On Saturday, as usual, there was a good turn out from the club for the local Parkrun event. Results were as follows:

* Ian McGilloway 00:17:23 (Personal best) and overall winner

* Jamie Whitham 00:18:20

*Darren Crew 00:19:33

*Liam Cumber 00:19:54 (personal best)

*Deborah Jeffrey 00:20:43 and first woman back

*Levi Atwell 00:21:45

*Kirsty Wilson 21:59

*Chris Woolgar 00:22:03

*Rob Hill 00:22:15

*Ellie Hayes 00:22:34

*Richard Fowles 00:24:10

*Vicky Scott 00:24:18

*Rupert Howell 00:24:24

*Catherine O’Connor 00:24:36

*Tony Scott 00:24:53

*Carolyn Lewis 00:25:42

*Hazel Green 00:26:18

*Catriona Watts 00:26:19

*Luke Fowles 00:26:26

*Richard Dyer 00:26:38

*Aldous Hosking 00:27:31

*Deirdre Coombes 00:29:01

*Trudi Curd 00:30:56

*Diane Parsons 00:31:28

*Paul James 00:31:29

*Julie Gibbs 00:33:52

*Nicola James 00:37:23

*Linda Robson 00:38:09

*Kate Lancefield 00:40:21

The club are just starting to run our own Folkestone Running Club Parkrun Cup. Results to follow.

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