Summer at last!

With the beginning of the new school term, naturally Summer has finally begun! But come rain or shine, FRAC runners are out there getting it done. Let’s see where they’ve been and how they’ve been doing it.

Rye Summer 5k

The Rye Summer Series came to its conclusion in the third instalment on Friday, 1 September. Karla Larnder came in at 21:33, Tony Scott and Diane Parsons on 24:28 and :29, respectively, and Chris Childs finished on 29:06 for this beautiful bimble on the Marsh. (We heard the chip timing may have been off for some runners, so times may change. For example, Chris self-reported a finish time of 28:58 — always good to check these things!)

Dover Seafront 10k

The first issue of Dover Seafront 10k took place on Sunday, 3 September to a beautiful day on the coast. As Tony Scott tells us, ‘It was the first time this race has been run and the clouds cleared away just in time to make this 2 lap race very hot.’

Sujan Rai finished in 43:08. Karla Larnder’s 45:31 nabbed her two trophies: 1st in age category and 2nd lady! Greg Dixon finished in 46:59, Dave Bowerman 51:20, Diane Parsons 56:42, Tony Scott 56:54, Trudi Curd 57:53 with 1st in her age category, David Haines 1:02:21, and Jason Crockford 1:03:25.

The Big Half

A fair contingent took part in The Big Half in London, also on Sunday, 3 September. We shared the course with Sir Mo Farah for his final London race as a professional. While none of us managed to catch Mo, there was plenty of speed and hard work out there, beginning with David Tyler who smashed it in 1:14:10! New daddy Karl Gloster clocked in at 1:15:44, and Prakash Gurung in 1:18:08. Trevor DeVooght (that’s me – also dad to a fresh 1-month old girl!) finished with a PB of 1:28:26, followed by Ben Hancox with a PB of 1:30:21, Thomo Murray PBd 1:31:38, James Springett 1:37:06, and Martin Murray 2:02:38.

Pilgrims Hospice North Downs Challenge 36k

Let’s not forget Ron Bell, one of FRAC’s ultra legends, who brought it home in 4:53. As Ron says, ‘It wasn’t a timed event and more hikers than runners. I was 4th over the line. However, the three runners before me started at 7:30, I started at 9, and they came in an hour before me so I would have placed first.’ Brilliant running, Ron!


Folkestone parkrun

Our runners turned out big at Folkestone, as usual, after a week off for the Folkestone Air Display. Henry Axon steamed in at 16:33 as first finisher. Krzysztof Klidzia finished in 17:59, Tristan Bruce 18:08, David Gillett 18:18, Joshua Pine 19:06 (PB!), Jacob Henwood 19:20, Torben Jessen 19:40, Rob Collier 19:47, Phil Hoyland 20:02, Nick Bryant 20:11, Dominic Shepherd 20:15, Philip Heathfield 21:05, Karla Larnder 21:29 (PB!), Deborah Jeffery 21:36, Bec Powney 21:44 (PB!), Thomas Aspinall 21:59, Catherine O’Conner 22:18, Jason O’Callaghan 22:30, Darren Philip 22:42, Linnaea Stockall 22:48, Louisa Eede 23:15, Kirsty Wilson 23:22, Phil Haines 23:44, David Botting 24:44, Gail Turbutt 25:59, Rob Hill 26:02, Stuart Erskine 26:03, Kirsty Gardiner 26:47, Tom Bean 27:01, Trudi Curd 27:07, Kevin Whitby 27:17, Jessica Harrington 27:31, Neil Adams 27:44, Tony Scott 27:46, Liam Cumber 28:11, Jason Crockford 28:50, Amy Owen 28:55, Malcolm Gibbs 28:59, Anh-Van Whitby 29:14, Diane Parsons 29:19, Hayley Turrell 30:21, Julie Gibbs 30:26, Clive Allon 32:18, Gary Brazier 32:19, Chris Childs 35:52, and Kayleigh Cumber 42:30.

Canterbury parkrun

Rachel Smith 29:54

Whitstable parkrun

Stephen O’Brien 19:58

Northala Fields parkrun

Prakash Gurung 23:04

Hastings parkrun

Ian Merrick 20:04

Walmer and Deal Seafront parkrun

Elliott Chapman-Jones 18:40, Emma Clayton 21:34, Jennifer Clayton 22:50, Alan Fletcher 28:24

Brooklands parkrun

Jonathan Drinkwater 28:08, Catherine-Anne Curtis 37:04

Mote Park parkrun

Caroline Curtis 25:10