You don’t have to be mad… but it helps!

As if a marathon isn’t enough, Simon Burvill ran the Run to the Sea, Brighton, 50 mile ultramarathon on Saturday.  In torrential wind and rain Simon completed the course in a time of 6 hours, 21 minutes and 28 seconds.

Spring marathons may be over, but the racing continues. On Saturday, Instead of sitting back and watching the King’s Coronation with a scone and glass of Prosecco, 15 intrepid Folkestone Running Club members completed a damp Tough Mudder London West on the beautiful Cullen Faw estate in Henley on Thames. Known for its hilly terrain and slippery mud Tough Mudder London West didn’t disappoint. Battling rain the whole way, the FRC Folkwits conquered the course. Mixing up their normal running routine for a mud bath and 30 insane obstacles over nearly 20km (even though it was supposed to be 15km!!) they finished with bruises and smiles showing again what a great team FRC runners make no matter the challenge! Well done to the 2023 FRC Folkwits: Jane Wren, Catherine O’Connor, Paul Bartlett, Collette Windsor, Rob Hill, Ivana Collier, Nikki Goodwin, Emily Chambers, Darren Philip, Darren Crew, Jody Stoakes, Debbie Dunham, Richard Fowles, Caroline Curtis & Brent Parker. With outstanding spectator support from Alan Randall.

On Sunday, Karla Larnder ran the Maidstone 10k and beat her previous course time with a new time of 46:37, coming in 3rd Lady and the 1st in her age category.

Also on Sunday, Anthony Scott and Thomas Murray ran the Rye 10 mile race through the undulating hills and glorious countryside around Peasmarsh near Rye.  After narrowly avoiding being wiped out by a heard of deer, who decided to bolt across the road directly in front of the two runners, Thomas Murry finished in a time of 1:35:00 followed by Anthony Scott in a time of 1:36:23.


Caroline Curtis (24:37) and Brent Parker (32:59) ran the Higginson parkrun in Marlow.

Closer to home, Daniel Voller ran the Walmer and Deal Seafront parkrun in 18:39.

And at home in Folkestone Prakash Gurung was the first runner back in a time of 17:41, closely followed in second place by Simon Ramsay.  Also running were:

Rob Collier 18:18, Jacob Henwood 18:26, Krzysztof Klidzia 18:32, Tristan Bruce 18:44, Ben Hancox 18:49, Ian Merrick 19:21, Torben Jessen 19:42, Trevor Devooght 19:45, James Springett 19:47, Dominic Shepherd 20:42, Philip Heathfield 21:19, Simon Coffey 22:36, Louisa Eede 23:18, Vicky Scott 23:19, Gavin Dodwell 23:39, Phil Haines 23:42, Thomas Aspinall 24:02, David Botting 24:40, Anthony Scott 24:51, Stuart Erskine 25:20, Richard Pickering 25:42, Sylwia Tokarska 25:56, Christopher Woolgar 26:14, Rebekah Newton 26:24, Jonathan Drinkwater 27:36, Diane Parsons 27:49, Amy Owen 27:49, Malcolm Gibbs 27:56, Gary Brazier 28:02, Anh-Van Whitby 28:09, Deirdre Coombs 28:10, Philip Bridges 28:16, Hayley Turrell 28:34, Neil Adams 29:16, Kevin Whitby 29:17, Roisin Bunt29:55, Julie Gibbs 30:10, Kate Lancefield 31:49, Andrew Tremain 32:44, Kayleigh Cumber 41:31, Paul James 57:32.