Maranoia intensifies!

Kent Spring Half Marathon

Two runners kicked off the club’s marathon weekend at the Kent Spring Half. JAMES SPRINGETT clocked in at 1:35:29, 19th overall and 6th in the V40 age category. TONY SCOTT pulled in at 2:06:09, taking 115th overall and 16th in V50. James and Tony traversed an undulating course from Ashford to Charing and back, taking in part of the Pilgrims Way and some very flooded country lanes.

4Bay Challenge

Chris Childs took on this 10k issue over the coastal sands of Thanet on the 9th of April with a finish time of 1:05:47.

2023 adidas Manchester Marathon

Manchester Marathon saw a massive contingent representing the blue, white and red up north this past Sunday, 16 April. Just take a scan at this list of absolute titans! Our runners clocked up 30 finishes, including 14 personal bests, 3 good for age qualifications, and a sub-3 hour first marathon!

Robert Collier13232MV5002:55:35First Marathon!
Simon Ramsay12705MV4003:03:13
Paul Constable1278SM03:06:09Personal Best (PB)
Joshua Pine11717SM03:08:39PB
James Barney19385SM03:27:25PB
Darren Crew13957MV5003:09:06PB, Good For Age (GFA)
Nikki Goodwin17144FV4003:33:13
Greg Dixon16786MV5503:48:35
Jody Stoakes24171FV4503:52:00PB, GFA
Vicky Scott20290FV3503:55:36PB
Joe Carroll14883MV4003:57:41PB
Marie Brazier22709FV4503:57:43PB
Jane Wren23541FV5504:01:51PB, GFA
Andy Hadlow22589MV6004:04:46
Collette Windsor27894FV4504:07:59PB
Caroline Curtis20664FV5004:08:20
Phil Heathfield27555MV4004:14:04PB
Ron Bell20458MV4504:21:08
Tara Baker24308FV4504:21:35
Jenny Quinn28235FV4004:25:22
Richard Fowles22756MV5504:26:43
Debbie Dunham32839FV5004:36:22PB
Gary Brazier27479MV5004:38:25
Becky Newton32488FV4004:48:42PB
Alan Fletcher28163MV7005:17:10
Simon Coffey16118MV4005:23:27
Alan Randall40116Men’s Relay01:47:58First leg
Brent Parker40116Men’s Relay02:57:00Second leg
Denise King40318Women’s Relay02:28:02First leg
Sonia Markwell40318Women’s Relay02:12:01Second leg, Half marathon PB

Boston Marathon

FRC went Transatlantic, too! ANH-VAN WHITBY took her place at the running Mecca itself, the Boston Marathon. With her husband, Kevin, in support, she set off on a day of highs and lows across that New England city amongst the likes of Des Linden and Eliud Kipchoge! Anh-Van pulled in at a stunning 3:59:27!


Despite cases of marathon fever across the club, parkrun continues on! Runners who have already run a marathon or who await their turn at the line (and even a few on their shakeout runs) came out for 5 kilometers of fresh air and good company. Look out for the 2 PBs that stood out!


Deborah Jeffery 25:15


Eleanor Priestley 27:19

Walmer and Deal

Dave Bowerman 23:21 (PB!)

Houghton Hall

Richard Fowles 33:41, Caroline Curtis 34:00, Brent Parker 34:00, Debbie Dunham 34:01


Jacob Henwood 18:42


Tom Bean 17:28, Prakash Gurung 18:02, Ian Merrick 18:18 (PB!), Nicholas Bryant 18:54, Nick Steele 21:16, Hazel Green 22:05, Paul Bartlett 22:26, Phil Maull 23:32, Louisa Eede 23:41, Bec Powney 23:49, Henry Axon 23:57, Ben Hancox 23:58, Stuart Erskine 24:11, Andrew Richardson 24:17, Linnaea Stockall 24:28, Catherine O’Connor 24:40, David Botting 24:48, Anthony Scott 25:01, Jason O’Callaghan 25:22, Sylwia Tokarska 25:43, Deirdre Coombs 26:31, Neil Adams 27:43, Roisin Bunt 29:41, Julie Gibbs 29:59, Amy Owen 30:26, Kate Lancefield 32:03, Sue Elkins 33:12, Clare Evans 52:18

Jamaica Pond

Kevin Whitby 23:10

Queen’s, Glasgow

Pamela Allon 28:40
Clive Allon 8:26