Sunday Runday

Sunday saw a busy day of racing as the marathon season approaches. At Lydd where conditions were rather blustery, several FRC members brazed the conditions competing in the Half and 20 mile races. There were personal best performances from Darren Crew in a time of 2:27:34 (a pb by 6 mins and 2 secs) and 4th male Vet 50. Vicky Scott who was 4th female vet 35 in a Pb time of 2:43:47. Jody Stoakes running in her first 20 mile race achieved 2:56:31 finishing 8th female Vet 45 . Collette Windsor running on her birthday in a new age category also achieved a Pb in a time of 3:14:53. Other notable results were Alan Fletcher finished 3rd in the Male Vet 70 category in a time of 3:24:52. In the Half marathon Alan Randall and John O’hara finished 5th and 6th Male Vet 60 category.

The full results are as follows:

Lydd Half Marathon: Alan Randall 01:54:47 John O’hara 01:56:47 Anthony Scott 01:57:17

Lydd 20 mile: Josh Pine 02:27:01 Darren Crew 02:27:34 Jacob Henwood 02:34:48 Stuart Erskine 02:41:47 Vicky Scott 02:43:47 Karla Larnder 02:52:35 Jody Stoakes 02:56:31 Andy Hadlow 03:00:46 Caroline Curtis 03:08:11 Philip Heathfield 03:08:53 Collette Windsor 03:14:53 Catherine Clipstone 03:15:55 Alan Fletcher 03:24:52 Jenny Quinn 03:28:36 Dominic Shepherd 04:01:52

Further a field another good turnout of FRC runners was at Paddock Wood Half Marathon. There were some outstanding performances here too. Karl Kloster was first home for the club in a Pb time of 1:11:37 in 20th place out of a field of 1699. Following not far behind was Stephen Male who came home in 50th in a time of 1:14:16 and 1st Male Vet 50 achieving an age grading of 95.78% There were also Pb’s for Paul Bartlett, Nick Bryant Marie Brazier Amy Owen and Sonia Markwell. Fantastic running by everyone.

Full results as follows:

Paddock Wood Half Marathon: Karl Gloster 01:11:37 Stephen Male 01:14:16 Henry Axon 01:14:50 Ben McGhee 01:23:17 Paul Bartlett 01:24:35 Nick Bryant 01:27:25 James Springett 01:36:14 Catherine O’Connor 01:40:25 Richard Fowles 01:44:30 Marie Brazier 01:55:04 Sandra Shanks 02:11:14 Maria Chapman 02:11:16 Amy Owen 02:12:51 Deborah Dunham 02:15:41 Sonia Markwell 02:15:39 Gary Brazier 02:15:40

This week’s parkrun results are below:

Folkestone: Henry AXON 00:16:33 PB Tristan BRUCE 00:18:45 Ian MERRICK 00:19:18 Nikki GOODWIN 00:20:32 Nick STEELE 00:21:00 Phil HOYLAND 00:21:09 Chris ADDISON 00:21:36 Thierry BAL 00:22:36 Ben HANCOX 00:22:47 Philip MAULL 00:22:57 Anthony SCOTT 00:23:47 Jacob HENWOOD 00:23:57 Alan RANDALL 00:24:03 David BOTTING 00:24:47 Richard FOWLES 00:25:15 Jason HERRIDGE 00:25:18 Andrew RICHARDSON 00:25:19 Jason O’CALLAGHAN 00:25:45 Diane PARSONS 00:26:07 Andrew TREMAIN 00:26:16 Sylwia TOKARSKA 00:26:28 Stuart ERSKINE 00:26:43 Darren CREW 00:26:44 Deirdre COOMBS 00:26:56 Malcolm GIBBS 00:27:57 Tekah BARROW 00:29:01 Amy OWEN 00:29:02 Julie GIBBS 00:29:25 Kate LANCEFIELD 00:29:45 Paul HANNAY 00:30:04 Neil ADAMS 00:30:30 Trudi CURD 00:30:52 Rebekah NEWTON 00:31:00 Jane WREN 00:31:01 Jody STOAKES 00:31:19 Gary BRAZIER 00:31:57 Trevor DEVOOGHT 00:34:39 Aldous HOSKING 00:35:17

Walmer and Deal:  Alan FLETCHER 00:27:50

Pegwell Bay: Will JARVIS 00:20:19

Maidstone: Prakash GURUNG 00:17:32

Roundshaw Downs: Krzysztof KLIDZIA 00:19:21