Gran Canaria Sun to Ashford Mud

On Saturday, the cross country season continued with the London Cross Country Champs, held on the iconic Parliament Hill course in London.  Krzysztof Klidzia completed the roughly 10k course in a time of 42 minutes.

The weather has not been great recently, although we still pull on our trainers and venture out.  But why not go one better!  Darren Crew and Jody Stoakes jetted off to sunnier climbs this weekend to take part in the Gran Canaria Maspalomas 10k.  Darren Crew completed the course in a time of 41:07, however Jody Stoakes completed the course in a new 10k PB time of 46:27, this completes a fantastic year of running for Jody, where she has gone from strength to strength achieving PBs in her 5k, 10k, 10 mile and Parkrun times.

Closer to home, in not quite so sunny Ramsgate, Paul Hannay ran the Coastbuster 10k in a time of 56:25.

If sunshine, sea and sand are not your thing then it was the Ashford 666 trail run on Sunday.  6.66(ish) miles of mud, slopes, trails and torture around Kingswood in Ashford.  This is not an easy race at the best of times, but with the amount of rain we have had over the last few weeks, including this morning during the race, this is a tough run that tests even the most hardy runner.  Not only did 4 members of Folkestone RC run the race, but Joe Bruce finished an impressive 2nd place in a time of 46:18.  Diane Parsons was next back for the club in a time of 1:17:40, followed by Ivana Colier 1:17:41 and Catherine Clipstone in 1:19:52


This week’s Parkruns

Ashford Parkrun

Andrew Tremain 26:05

Folkestone Parkrun

Folkestone RC runners had a fantastic run at the Folkestone Parkrun with all 3 of the first men back and 2 of the first 3 ladies being FRC runners.

Tom Bean was first back in 17:22, followed by Henry Axon in second place in 17:38 and Simon Ramsay in third place in 18:07.  Second Lady back was Folkestone RC’s Nikki Goodwin in 21:41 followed by Deborah Jeffery in third place in a time of 21:49. 

Other Folkestone RC runners were: Ian Merrick 18:50, Tristan Bruce 18:57, Nick Steele 19:43, Vicky Scott 22:13, Simon Coffey 22:22, Linnaea Stockall 22:27, Darren Philip 22:33, Louisa Eede 22:34, Paul Bartlett 22:39, Hazel Green 22:45, Caroline Curtis 22:47, Jason Herridge 22:50, Rob Hill 22:58, Anthony Scott 23:19, Jason O’callaghan 23:32, Trevor Devooght 23:44, Gavin Dodwell 23:49, Kevin Whitby 23:53, Anh-Van Whitby 24:09, David Botting 24:40, Diane Parsons 24:48, Jane Wren 25:04, Deirdre Coombs 26:18, Sylwia Tokarska 26:47, Richard Dyer 27:12, Amy Owen 27:41, Rebekah Newton 28:00, Marie Brazier 28:03, Rachel Yorke 28:10, Kirsty Gardiner 29:48, Collette Windsor 30:06, Ron Bell 30:08, Denise King 30:59, Kate Lancefield 31:00, Elizabeth Tew 31:39, Emily Lancefield 1:02:56, Alfie Lancefield 1:02:58