So Wet… So Windy… So What!

Although it was a dismal weekend with horizontal rain that didn’t stop, that didn’t stop Folkestone Running Club members from getting out and competing. 

On Saturday Phil Maul and Linnaea Stockall undertook the Chalklands Way Ultra Marathon.  If the 40 mile circular route through the Yorkshire Wolds wasn’t enough of a challenge the weekend weather decided to intervene with plenty of wind and rain with runners even having to run through clouds on the hill tops.  Despite everything that the elements threw at them, Linnaea finished in a time of 7:45:10 an impressive 6th lady back out of 39 woman who ran the race which is restricted to only 100 people.  Phil Maul came in a hands breadth behind Linnaea in a time of 7:45:15, the 15th man back out of 45 men.

On Sunday, with the wind and rain still falling, 16 Folkestone runners turned out on the Deal seafront to run the Deal Castle 5 Mile Race.  First back for the club was Nick Bryant in a time of 32:05 followed by Dominic Shepherd in 34:33 and Martin Murray in 34:36.  Next in for the club were Vicky Scott in a PB time of 36:02, Karla Larnder in 37:23 and Louisa Eade in a new PB of 38:30.  This impressive running meant that Folkestone picked up the prize for the first women’s team to finish.

Next for the club was Anthony Scott in 39:27, Pam Allon in 41:28, Rob Huish in 41:30, Jennifer Quinn in 41:37, John O’hara in 41:37, Deirdre Coombs, the first Female Vet 65, in a time of 43:42, Alan Fletcher in 44 mins exactly, Malcolm Gibbs in 45:55, Julie Gibbs in 49:46 and Maria Felicetti in a new PB time of 51:05.  And finally, a huge shout out must be made to Kevin Daly on the microphone.  It is not easy to sound positive, enthusiastic and supportive after standing cold and wet for hours but, as always, Kevin managed it.  Thank you Kevin.

This week’s Parkruns

Southsea Parkrun

Deborah Jeffery 23:19

Ashford Parkrun

Maria Chapman 28:38

Whitstable Parkrun

Will Jarvis 24:29

Tilgate Parkrun

Andrew Tremain 31:46

South Bank Parkrun

In 3rd place overall was Henry Axon in 18:09 with Amy Owen in 31:09

Hastings Parkrun

Jacob Henwood 19:42

Warwick Racecourse Parkrun

Kevin Whitby 23:11

Chalkwell Beach Parkrun

Caroline Curtis 23:52, Brent Parker 31:37

Mote Park Parkrun

Karla Larnder 23:52

Folkestone Parkrun

First place in this weeks Folkestone Parkrun was Folkestone Running Club’s Joe Bruce in a time of 16:39.  Second female back overall went to Folkestone Running Club member, Nikki Goodwin in 20:36. Also running where Ian Merrick 18:40, Tristan Bruce 19:05, Oliver Collier 19:06, Nick Steele 19:15, Darren Crew 19:29, Nicholas Bryant 19:48, Rob Collier 19:57, James Springett 20:30, Jody Stoakes 22:31, Darren Philip 23:09, Jason Herridge 23:48, Jason O’Callaghan 24:02, Ron Bell 24:16, David Botting 24:31, Christopher Woolgar 24:40, Alan Randall 24:45, Rob Hill 25:29, Stuart Erskine 25:30, David Gillett 25:48, Marie Brazier 25:56, Jane Wren 26:12, Diane Parsons 26:16, Paul Hannay 26:48, Anh-Van Whitby 26:49, Sylwia Tokarska 28:03, Richard Dyer 28:08, Gary Brazier 28:28, Trudi Curd 28:30, Kate Lancefield 29:05, Kirsty Gardiner 29:34, Jacob Burvill 29:53, Simon Burvill 29:53, Collette Windsor 32:01, Kayleigh Cum