We just love to race !!

FRC spent most of this week competing among themselves. There was the Summer Handicap which took place on Tuesday night and saw everyone complete a 4.5 mile run along the sides of the Hythe Canal from Seabrook to Hythe and back. Runners set off in intervals with the faster ones last to leave, The overall race was won by Bex Bell with a handicap time of 7 minutes returning first home in 42:11. The men’s winner was Stephen Male in a time of 26:16 whilst the women’s race was won by Catherine O’Connor in 33:16.

Results were as follows:

RunnerRun timeHandicapFinish time
Stephen Male26:1620:0046:16
Henry Axon27:0520:0047:05
Bob Collier27:3518:0045:35
Ian Merrick27:4118:0045:41
Oli Collier28:0717:0045:07
Nick Bryant29:0017:0046:00
Torben Jessen29:4414:0043:44
Thomas Murray29:4816:0045:48
James Springett30:2516:0046:25
Dominic Shepherd30:3815:0045:38
Sujan Rai30:5218:0048:52
Rob Hill31:0315:0046:03
Tom Millard31:0515:0046:05
Nick Steele31:3415:0046:34
Stuart Erskine32:2914:0046:29
Neil Trett32:5213:0045:52
David Smyth32:5313:0045:53
Catherine O’Connor33:1610:0043:16
Nikki Goodwin33:1915:0048:19
Martin Murray33:3315:0048:33
Joe Carroll33:4213:0046:42
Ron Bell33:4611:0044:46
Laurie Williams34:0010:0044:00
Phil Maull34:1610:0044:16
Karla Larnder34:2412:0046:24
Bec Powney34:4108:0042:41
Caroline Curtis34:4708:0042:47
Christian Gilbert35:0213:0048:02
Bex Bell35:1107:0042:11
Chris Woolgar35:3510:0045:35
Jane Wren35:3908:0043:39
Amber Ainsworth36:0007:0043:00
Jonathan Drinkwater36:3710:0046:37
Alan Randall36:5308:0044:53
Sylwia Tokarska37:0008:0045:00
Kate Clipstone37:5708:0045:57
Diane Parsons38:2608:0046:26
Rachel Smith38:4306:0044:43
Collette Windsor39:0606:0045:06
Jason Herridge39:5808:0047:58
Deirdre Coombs40:0005:0045:00
Trudi Curd40:4303:0043:43
Debbie Dunham42:3105:0047:31
Ray Johnson42:3405:0047:34
Maria Felicetti43:4702:0045:47
Amy Owen43:5502:0045:55
Kate Lancefield45:5800:0045:58
Helen Francis47:4200:0047:42
Louise Fowler49:0300:0049:03

The Parkrun Cup is now near to the conclusion of round 3 and saw 2 PB performances from Marie Brazier racing against Collette Windsor and Martin Murray who was up against Rob Hill. Well done to both winners.

Collette Windsor (L) and Marie Brazier (R)

This week’s Parkrun results are as follows:

FOLKESTONE: Henry AXON 00:19:04 Tristan BRUCE 00:19:13 Harry WALL 19:16PB Rob HILL 00:20:20 Martin MURRAY 00:20:46PB Deborah JEFFERY 00:22:08 Darren PHILIP 00:22:56 Stuart ERSKINE 00:23:10 David GILLETT 00:23:18 Hazel GREEN 00:23:28 David BOTTING 00:24:04 Philip MAULL 00:24:35 Linnaea STOCKALL 00:24:36 Marie BRAZIER 00:25:18PB Ron BELL 00:25:54 Collette WINDSOR 00:27:04 Diane PARSONS 00:27:04 Anh-Van WHITBY 00:27:05 Paul HANNAY 00:27:07 Kirsty GARDINER 00:27:46 Sylwia TOKARSKA 00:28:01 Chris ADDISON 00:28:22 Amy OWEN 00:28:31 Richard DYER 00:29:04 Chris CHILDS 00:29:13 Jason HERRIDGE 00:29:37 Denise KING 00:30:27 Rebekah NEWTON 00:31:04 Debbie DUNHAM 00:31:05 Trudi CURD 00:31:08 Julie GIBBS 00:31:52 Malcolm GIBBS 00:31:53 Gary BRAZIER 00:32:00 David WEEKES 00:32:13 Kate LANCEFIELD 00:35:45 Elizabeth SMITH 00:36:45 Emily LANCEFIELD 00:44:52 LLOYDS  CROYDON: Krzysztof KLIDZIA 00:19:05 BRACKNELL Nicholas BRYANT 00:19:59 HASTINGS Paul BARTLETT 00:20:27 Darren CREW 00:20:32 Nick STEELE 00:20:45 Catherine O’CONNOR 00:22:06 Christopher WOOLGAR 00:22:20 Jody STOAKES 00:22:31 Jane WREN 00:24:29 Alan RANDALL 00:25:06 BROOKLANDS:  Ian MERRICK 00:18:18

FRC runners taking on the Hastings Parkrun

Finally Saturday saw Karla Larnder take part in the Habour Wallbanger Race which involves runners tackling a 7k course over sand, rocks, and seaweed in order to ‘bang’ the habour wall and then run back to the finish. Her time of 38:12 was 59th place, 10th woman and 2nd Female vet 45.