Hot enough yet?


Summer is here and the weather has certainly taken a turn for the hotter, but that didn’t stop members of Folkestone Running Club getting out.
On Saturday, as the temperatures slowly started to rise, Chris Childs competed in the Arctic One Super Sprint Tri at the marvellous Eton Dorney.
Although Chris was the only member who entered a race in this hot weather, many other FRC members started the weekend, as usual, running Parkruns.
In Maidstone, Deborah Jeffery was the first Woman back in a time of 22:47.
At the Brentwood Parkrun Brent Parker and Caroline Curtis ran together in a time of 36:54 and 36:55.
And of course, many FRC runners turned up to run the Folkestone Parkrun (and a few popped down for a much needed dip in the sea afterwards!) It was a very successful week for the FRC women with fist, second and third place going to FRC Runners. Louisa Eede came first in a time of 23:15 followed by Vicky Scott in second place in a time of 23:20 and then Kirsty Wilson in third place in 23:53.
Henry Axon 00:17:38, Daniel Voller 00:17:46, Ian Merrick 00:18:19, Andrew Fletcher 00:18:49, Nicholas Bryant 00:19:16, Rob Collier 00:20:04, Philip Maull 00:22:39, Darren Philip 00:23:10, Louisa Eede 00:23:15, Vicky Scott 00:23:20, Darren Crew 00:23:26, Simon Coffey 00:23:48, Kirsty Wilson 00:23:53, Catherine O'connor 00:24:12, Christopher Woolgar 00:24:20, Stuart Erskine 00:24:22, Rob Hill 00:24:23, David Botting 00:24:31, Jonathan Drinkwater 00:24:43, Jason O'callaghan 00:24:46, Paul Hannay 00:25:12, Jane Wren 00:25:16, Richard Fowles 00:25:50, Jason Herridge 00:25:50, Alan Randall 00:26:09, Brian Davis 00:26:25, Deirdre Coombs 00:27:07, Jody Stoakes 00:27:37, Clive Allon 00:28:20, Amy Owen 00:28:21, Richard Dyer 00:28:29, Maria Felicetti 00:28:43, Anh-Van Whitby 00:28:46, Ron Bell 00:29:20, Kevin Whitby 00:29:29, Collette Windsor 00:29:31, Trudi Curd 00:29:43, Rebekah Newton 00:30:54, Debbie Dunham 00:30:58, Julie Gibbs 00:32:30, Malcolm Gibbs 00:32:44, Kate Lancefield 00:36:12, Catherine-Anne Curtis 00:36:16, Shelley Godden-Duske 00:36:49, Marie Brazier 00:40:41, Nicola James 00:40:49.
And In The Walmer And Deal Seafront Parkrun Karla Larnder Came Second Female Back, In A Time Of 22:33.