Golly gosh that was a long way !!!!

This weekend saw another amazing trail effort from one of our lesser known club members Clare Dunn who competed in the Ultra X 125km race in the Highlands of Scotland. This race takes participants on a circumnavigation of Loch Ness following the Great Glen way and the South Loch Ness trail from Bught Park pitches in Inverness to Loch Ness Beach in Dores covering 125K ( 78miles) in total. Results from day one where runners cover the first 75k had Claire complete the distance in 12:02:56 with an astonishing elevation gain of 7523ft to contend with. On day 2, a mere 50k of running Clare finished in 7:44:31 with an elevation gain of 4849ft. Her overall time was 19:44:05 finishing in 47th place out of 81. A absolutely amazing achievement -well done !!

In Halstead today Henry Axon took on the Halstead Marathon as training for an Ironman later this year. Whilst not his fastest result, it was still a stunning effort considering he wasn’t feeling well from the start and finished in a time of 3:09:19. A fantastic result!!!!

At today’s Maidstone Riverside 10k Karla Larnder was representing FRC and finished 9th overall in a field of 107, 2nd lady and 1st in her age category of Vet 45. Great effort!!

This week’s Parkrun results are as follows: Congratulations to new member Jordan Dixon who achieved a pb time and was also1st lady at Folkestone.

FOLKESTONE: Phil HOYLAND 00:17:40 Stephen John MALE 00:18:03 Henry AXON 00:18:22 Tristan BRUCE 00:18:39 Ian MERRICK 00:18:51 Krzysztof KLIDZIA 00:19:06 Nicholas BRYANT 00:19:27 Jordan DIXON 00:21:11 Darren CREW 00:21:40 Stuart ERSKINE 00:21:45 Nick STEELE 00:21:47 Joe WARRINER 00:21:49 Louisa EEDE 00:22:19 Paul BARTLETT 00:22:26 Kevin WHITBY 00:22:36 Anh-Van WHITBY 00:22:45 Jason O’CALLAGHAN 00:23:16 Alan RANDALL 00:23:19 Simon COFFEY 00:23:30 Richard FOWLES 00:23:37 Liam CUMBER 00:23:44 Jane WREN 00:23:46 Philip MAULL 00:24:05 Jody STOAKES 00:24:30 Linnaea STOCKALL 00:25:16 Anthony SCOTT 00:25:34 Rob HUISH 00:25:42 Kirsty WILSON 00:26:15 Deirdre COOMBS 00:26:40 Pamela ALLON 00:26:54 Malcolm GIBBS 00:26:59 Hayley TURRELL 00:27:09 Richard DYER 00:27:19 Jake BRAZIER 00:27:44 Catriona WATTS 00:27:50 Hazel GREEN 00:27:51 Marie BRAZIER 00:27:51 Trudi CURD 00:28:10 Victoria GREEN 00:28:29 Amy OWEN 00:28:49 Denise KING 00:29:06 Collette WINDSOR 00:29:06 Clive ALLON 00:30:32 Angela WARREN 00:31:29 Elizabeth TEW 00:32:29 Simon BURVILL 00:32:56 Lynsey TIGHY 00:33:12 Louise FOWLER 00:33:43 Catherine-Anne CURTIS 00:34:41 Kate LANCEFIELD 00:34:42 Kayleigh CUMBER 00:39:22 MAIDSTONE: Deborah JEFFERY 21:36 Chris WOOLGAR 24:35 BECKENHAM: Caroline CURTIS: 24:10 Brett PARKER: 36:35 ASHFORD: Karla LARNDER 23:11 WHITSTABLE: Paul HANNAY 25:26