Introducing the website

Going live on June 5 2019, our new site has been designed to give members and supporters everything they need to engage with, or participate in our club.

The goals of the site are to provide information which is:

  • easy to find
  • easy to read
  • easy to understand

We’ve built the site to be easily found by search-engines, responsive to all screen-sizes and accessible to all.

At the moment the site is very basic; it provides the bare minimum a member, supporter or junior parent needs, however over the coming months more content will come on line.

(rough) Roadmap

Our first priority is to bring events and results to the site, including:

  • Grand Prix
  • Summer relays
  • parkrun challenge cup

During the summer we’ll also launch more information about the clubs history, structure and ethos.

Towards the end of the year we’ll be exploring improvements to some club functions, such as how we order kit or organise events.

Throughout the year, we’ll make incremental improvements and announce any new content or features.

The importance of feedback

The website is useless if it does not serve our members and supporters.

Any feedback is welcome and can be sent to

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