Ellie’s win in Whitstable

Members of Folkestone Running Club have been gaining lots of new personal bests and have run in the Canterbury Riverside 10k race, Whitstable 10k and Folkestone Parkrun this weekend.

Ellie Hayes smashed the Whitstable 10k and was the first lady to win (coming in 12th) and also a personal best time of 44.21. 

In addition to Whitstable, the club had runners succeed at Canterbury Riverside 10k. Tony Scott came in 38th place and gained a time of 46.11. Jenny Quinn came in soon after in 51.59.

Whilst in more local races, the club did very well at the Folkestone Parkrun. Jamie Whitham continues to make great progress by coming first across the finish line in 18.02. Deborah Jeffery was the First Lady over the line in 21.30. Torben Jensen came in third place in 18.11, a new personal best and also gained the Folkestone record for his age category. Two further running club members came in shortly after in position 5, Ian McGilloway at 18.28 and Tristan Bruce at 18.48. Liam Cumber gained a new personal best in 20.17. Others to come in were David Gillett (21.30), Vicky Scott (23.18), Phillip Maull obtained a personal best (23.58), Catherine O’Connor (24.22), John O’Hara (24.36), Malcolm Gibbs (24.36), Tony Scott (25.10), Luke Fowles (25.49), Caroline Curtis (25.52), Catriona Watts (25.56), Carolyn Lewis (26.00), Rupert Howell (27.16), Neil Adams (27.24), Richard Fowles (28.40), Linda Robson (28.55), Kirsty Gardiner (29.19), Richard Dyer (31.05), Louise Fowler (31.17), Debra Moran (31.19), Paul James (31.42), Catherine Anne Curtis (32.33), Diane Parsons (33.09), Kate Lansfield (33.16), Joanne Miller (34.39), Lynsey Tighy (37.02), Nicola James (37.51), Alfie Lansfield (45.40).

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