Teams win at Lydd

On Sunday it was the very popular Lydd Half Marathon and 20 miles races. The races are on a pancake-flat course through the lanes surrounding the Marsh town of Lydd. Perfect for road racing.

Aside from the distance the runners faced the extra challenge this year of 40mph winds with gusts in excess of 50mph on the exposed course. Race organisers worked hard to remove fallen trees from the race route before the start. However, there was still one tree trunk on the 20 mile route that runners had to climb over or go under. 

Lydd half-marathon

In the half marathon Folkestone Running Club won the 1st Female Team (Ellie Hayes, Danielle Ingleston, Charlotte Avery) and 1st Male Team (Dan Voller, Ian McGilloway, Dave Tyler).

Full results: 
2. Daniel Voller (01:20:53. PB), 3. Ian McGilloway (01:20:57), 4. David Tyler (01:21:56), 7. Nick Steele (01:24:57), 12. Torben Jessen (01:28:19), 41. Liam Cumber (01:39:48. PB), 54. Anthony Scott (01:41:47), 59. Richard Fowles (01:42:30), 64. Ellie Hayes (01:42:26), 72. Danielle Ingleston (01:43:49), 77. Charlotte Avery (01:44:06), 80. Aldous Hosking (01:45:31), 138. John O’Hara (01:56:53), 159. Pamela Allon (01:59:43), 174. Gail Turbutt (02:02:25)

Lydd 20 mile

Darren Crew was first back for the club in the 20 mile race. Vicky Green (03:09:26. PB), Diane Parsons Diane Parsons (03:24:58. PB), Maria Fox Felicetti (03:45:00. PB) and Kate Lancefield (04:10:48. PB) all managed PBs despite having to climb over and under a couple of fallen trees.

Full results:
Darren Crew (02:34:00), Vicky Scott (02:47:19), Christopher Woolgar (02:46:58), Clive Allon (02:52:44), Zack Dennis (02:52:47), Caroline Curtis (02:57:13), Kirsty Wilson (02:59:28), Victoria Green (03:09:26. PB), Faith Cowell (03:16:23), Diane Parsons (03:24:58. PB), Philip Maull (03:24:59), Gary Brazier (03:27:51), Hayley Kluczynski (03:37:14), Julie Gibbs (03:39:54), Dominic Shepherd (03:41:09), Maria Fox Felicetti (03:45:00. PB), Kate Lancefield (04:10:48. PB)

Thames Meander half-marathon

In London James Whitham ran the Thames Meander Half-Marathon in 01:33:22 PB.


Morgan WEST (17:13 PB) was first over all in the Ashford Parkun, with Caroline CURTIS (22:39) first lady and Alan VIGRASS (27:48) also running.

Emma CREASEY (19:40) was first lady in the Warszawa-Ursynow parkrun in Poland.

There were over thirty FRC runners at the Folkestone parkrun this week. First back for the club and in fourth overall was David Gillet (18:50) and there was a PB for junior Emily LANCEFIELD (39:49 PB). 
Full results: David Gillet (18:50), Joe BRUCE (19:31), Tristan BRUCE (19:43), Simon COFFEY (21:45), Anthony SCOTT (22:53), Paul BARTLETT (23:17), Christopher WOOLGAR (23:24), Andrew RICHARDSON (24:23), Catherine O’CONNOR (24:56), John O’HARA (25:10), Vicky SCOTT (25:54), Carolyn LEWIS (25:56), Clive ALLON (26:15), Stuart ERSKINE (26:24), Rupert HOWELL (26:30), Hazel GREEN (26:50), Catriona WATTS (26:51), Luke FOWLES (27:05), Kirsty WILSON (27:58), Trudi CURD (28:14), Richard FOWLES (28:53), Linda ROBSON (30:18), Chris ADDISON (30:42), Louise FOWLER (31:46), Paul JAMES (34:10), Joanne MILLER (36:19), Abigail SMITH (38:35), Nicola JAMES (39:07), Alfie LANCEFIELD (39:18), Emily LANCEFIELD (39:49 PB), Lisa SMITH (39:50), Kate LANCEFIELD (39:51)

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