Three go racing


This weekend has been a relatively quiet one for racing but two club stalwarts were at it again flying the flag for FRC. The first of these was Phil Maull. It was a hot sunny day in Farnham as Phil prepared to race the North Downs Way 50 mile race. The course followed the first half of the North Downs Way with Box Hill, Colley Hill and Botley Hill giving the race a massive 5600 feet elevation gain! 

Phil commented that although the hills were tough the views were spectacular. He finished the race in 178 place out of 350 and in a time of 11 hours, 2 minutes and 58 seconds- a fantastic effort, well done!

On Sunday another stalwart, Tony Scott took part in the Chislehurst Half Marathon continuing his weekend running streak. He said “I was expecting a mainly road based race, but this was a gorgeous trail run winding through the woods around Chislehurst with some amazing views of Canary Wharf rising up in the distance. My time was 2:05:28, which I’m happy with considering the amount of low branches I had to dodge, roots and dips I had to negotiate and narrow trails I had to traverse. Well done Tony!

Further afield Kevin Whitby one of the club’s newer members completed the Outlaw Half Triathlon in Nottingham. It’s a half Ironman distance (1.9k swim, 90k bike, half marathon). He finished in 5:59:43 his first sub 6 hour half Ironman beating his previous best by 34 minutes. Kevin said ” I had an horrendous bike leg crashing my bike near the start (no injuries) dropping my food and water, making run really tough as I was under fuelled and dehydrated but completed the half in 2:01 stopping at every water stop to guzzle fluids”. A great achievement Kevin!

This week’s parkrun results are as follows:

FOLKESTONE: Prakash GURUNG 00:17:40 Simon RAMSAY 00:17:50 Krzysztof KLIDZIA 00:18:25 Nick STEELE 00:18:34 Ian MERRICK 00:18:40 Trevor DEVOOGHT 00:18:43 pb Tristan BRUCE 00:19:12 Thomas MURRAY 00:19:15 pb Torben JESSEN 00:20:08 Thierry BAL 00:21:24 Darren CREW 00:21:48 Hazel GREEN 00:22:02 Greg DIXON 00:22:03 Darren PHILIP 00:22:07 Joseph CARROLL 00:22:12 pb Jody STOAKES 00:22:17 Bec POWNEY 00:22:18 pb Catherine O’CONNOR 00:22:38 Thomas ASPINALL 00:22:48 pb Jason HERRIDGE 00:22:58 Andrew SMITH 00:23:02 Rob HILL 00:23:17 Paul BARTLETT 00:23:17 Louisa EEDE 00:23:43 Philip BRIDGES 00:23:48 Ron BELL 00:24:20 Alan RANDALL 00:24:39 David BOTTING 00:24:40 Rob HUISH 00:24:54 Andrew RICHARDSON 00:25:01 Richard PICKERING 00:25:22 Marie BRAZIER 00:25:27 Anthony SCOTT 00:25:36 Sylwia TOKARSKA 00:25:37 Neil ADAMS 00:25:39 Caroline CURTIS 00:25:40 Pamela ALLON 00:26:33 Eleanor MEO 00:26:33 Jane WREN 00:26:50 Diane PARSONS 00:26:51 Gary BRAZIER 00:27:19 Andrew TREMAIN 00:28:31 Liam CUMBER 00:28:50 Chris CHILDS 00:28:57 Kate LANCEFIELD 00:29:36 Julie GIBBS 00:29:44 Malcolm GIBBS 00:29:44 Kirsty GARDINER 00:30:56 Hayley TURRELL 00:31:40 Jacob BURVILL 00:31:46 Simon BURVILL 00:31:53 Lynsey TIGHY 00:36:52 Paul HANNAY 00:37:16 Rachel YORKE 00:37:35 Kayleigh CUMBER 00:42:20


DURHAM: Eleanor PRIESTLEY 00:24:46

SQUERRYES WINERY: Henry AXON 00:17:53 Amy OWEN 00:30:40