Callum’s School Cross Country success

One of the club’s brightest stars Callum Howes attended the Kent Schools AA Cross Country Champs, held at the Duke of York School in Dover. Callum managed to come in a respectable 11th place out of 99 boys.

Meanwhile, up in Gravesend, club Runners Jodie Stoakes and Darren Crew took part in the Saxons, Vikings and Normans, ‘Norman’s Challenge’ for their training runs today. They ran 3 laps totalling 15.75 miles. Both are in the throws of marathon training, as are many of our club runners. Jodie reported that there was a, ‘Great goodie bag with lots of chocolate in it!’.

Folkestone running club took over the regular Saturday Park run for the morning. Volunteers from the club offered pacing for the 5k event from 20 through to 40 minutes. It does appear that this led to some of the runners obtaining a personal best (PB)! The day saw some of the largest number of runners this particular parkrun has seen, having very nearly 400 individuals turn up to run!

Times were as follows

Folkestone Parkrun

Daniel VOLLER 17:30
Andrew FLETCHER 18:06
Derek MATCHAM 19:51
David GILLETT 19:54
Torben JESSEN 20:57
Phil HOYLAND 21:09
Stuart ERSKINE 21:41
Paul BARTLETT 22:58
Oliver COLLIER 22:59
Anthony SCOTT 23:20
David WALBROOK 23:47
Finlay TAYLOR 23:53
Deborah JEFFERY 23:54
Paul TAYLOR 24:46
Vicky SCOTT 24:59
John O’HARA 25:38
Carolyn LEWIS 25:52
Darren CREW 26:00
Deirdre COOMBS 27:03
Catherine O’CONNOR 27:16
Richard DYER 27:19
Liam CUMBER 29:00
Julie GIBBS 30:23
Malcolm GIBBS 30:24
Gary BRAZIER 30:58
Caron INDER 31:50
Ian MERRICK 32:53
Louise FOWLER 34:01
Chris ADDISON 34:49
Kayleigh CUMBER 35:01
Caroline CURTIS 35:40
Jody STOAKES 36:38
Trudi CURD 38:07
Nicola JAMES 38:27
Catriona WATTS 39:06
Emily LANCEFIELD 01:00:03
Kate LANCEFIELD 01:01:36
Lisa SMITH 01:01:37

Hastings Parkrun

Pam Allon 00:27:13

Sue Elkins 00:34:04

Walmer and Deal Seafront Parkrun

Dave Tyler 00:17:25 and first position

Folkestone Running Club Takeover 2020
Stuart doing a great job pacing
Vicky Scott pacing for the club

Last week also was busy for Park Running

Parkrun Roundup for 11th January

Folkestone Parkrun

Andrew Fletcher was first back overall in 18:17 followed by Joe BRUCE 19:20, Tristan BRUCE 19:33, Derek MATCHAM 19:48, Phil HOYLAND 20:03, Rob COLLIER 20:45, Stuart ERSKINE 21:08, David GILLETT 21:11, Chris ADDISON 21:20, Ian MERRICK 21:23, Rob HUISH 21:54, Deborah JEFFERY 22:26, Clive ALLON 23:51, Anthony SCOTT 23:55, David WALBROOK 24:04, Victoria GREEN 24:34, Paul TAYLOR 24:47, Richard FOWLES 25:34, Kirsty WILSON 25:51, Catriona WATTS 25:54, John O’HARA 25:56, Richard DYER 26:29, Diane PARSONS 26:54, Ellie HAYES 26:57, Philip MAULL 26:59, Marie BRAZIER 27:12, Malcolm GIBBS 27:45, Deirdre COOMBS 27:52, Jennifer QUINN 28:37, Liam CUMBER 29:19, Gary BRAZIER 29:28, Jacob BURVILL 29:46, Louise FOWLER 32:59, Kate LANCEFIELD 33:01, Lynsey TIGHY 34:17, Kayleigh CUMBER 34:49, Emily LANCEFIELD 38:19, Nicola JAMES 39:19, Catherine-Anne CURTIS 40:29, Alfie LANCEFIELD 44:05

Ashford parkrun

Callum HOWES was fifth overall in18:52, with Caroline CURTIS finishing in 22:39

The Wammy parkrun

Emma LONG 30:12

Walmer and Deal Seafront parkrun

Daniel VOLLER was back first overall in 17:41

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