Amazing October achievements!

• David Gillett marathon PB

• Dave Tyler 10k PB

• Stuart Erskine 10k PB

Club members have been all over the country this weekend. Starting off with longer distances.

Up in Chester, Dave Gillett managed to run a 2:46:56 time, shaving 7 1/2 minutes off his PB! Not only that he came in 25th place (out of 3082 runners) and third in his vet 40 age category. An excellent achievement. 

Whilst moving south down in Bournemouth, Carolyn Lewis and Phil Maull completed the 26.2 miles in under 5 hours coming in at 4:55:18 and 4:57:34 respectively. 

Heading over to Cardiff, Vicky Scott took part in their half marathon achieving a time of 1:56:16. 

The most well attended event this weekend was the famous Givaudan 10k race in Ashford. The weather was looking atrocious first thing with heavy rain and wind, however things did brighten up for the race and apparent the condions were ‘perfect’ according to runner Andy Smith. This reflected so in some amazing running and personal bests. Results shown below.

  • Chris Addison 00:42:48
  • Pam Allon 00:55:37
  • Clive Allon 00:45:57
  • Gary Brazier 00:54:35
  • Kayleigh Cumber 01:11:26
  • Liam Cumber 00:41:59
  • Trudi Curd 00:56:51
  • Richard Dyer 00:52:31
  • Stuart Erskine 00:39:34 (PB)
  • Richard Fowles 00:45:30
  • Nikki Goodwin 01:02:23
  • Kate Lansfield 01:08:32
  • Ian Merrick 00:43:28
  • Diane Parsons 00:53:51
  • Jenny Quinn 00:50:52
  • Lisa Smith 01:03:37
  • Andrew Smith 00:46:39 (PB)
  • Nick Steele 00:36:56
  • Gail Turbutt 00:52:11
  • Dave Tyler 00:35:06 (PB)
  • Daren Wild 00:43:59
  • Kirsty Wilson 00:46:47
  • Chris Woolgar 00:45:03
In the children’s race, Jenny Quinn’s two daughters took part and Shannon was the first girl in her age group. Kimmy also ran very well and ‘was just behind all the tall kids’. Jenny stated that she is a ‘very proud mummy!’.

Moving on to Parkrun times on Saturday 

Caroline Curtis 00:22:45 
Peckham Rye
Darren Crew 00:20:30
Jodie Stoakes 00:24:12
Angela Warren 00:31:14
Tim Warren 00:22:41
Ian McGilloway 00:17:20
Chris Addison 00:20:38
Ian Merrick 00:21:17
Bob Collier 00:21:28
Vicky Green 00:23:22 (PB)
Finlay Taylor 00:25:04
Richard Fowles 00:25:27
Paul Taylor 00:25:29
Aldos Hosking 00:25:47
Andy Richardson 00:25:53
Linda Robson 00:26:04
John O’Hara 00:26:14
Trudi Curd 00:27:12
David Walbrook 00:27:41
Richard Dyer 00:28:13
Gary Brazier 00:28:44
Clare Yates 00:29:44
Deirdre Coombes 00:30:36
Louise Fowler 00:32:10
Liam Cumber and Ian Merrick
Jenny Quinn, Kimmy and Shannon
Dave Gillett in Chester
Team Photo at Ashford