Fun in the sun with Ultra Races and Relays

It has been a busy week for members of Folkestone Running club. The week started off in Ashford with the inter club relays.

The senior men’s A team came in seventh place this week, and B team moved up to fifth place. The senior ladies nudged up from third place into second this week.

Moving in the the vets categories, over 40s mens dropped down to third place, however, the ladies over 35 stayed put in third. Vet45 men’s B team runners took the third placing. For the ladies vet35 B team, there were three teams running, coming in second (mixed team), third and fifth place overall.

The vet50 A men’s team moved up into second place, and the B team fourth. With the ladies, the vet45 A team moved up into third place.

Finally, the vet60 men’s team came in fifth place, and the ladies vet55s moved into fourth.

On to other exciting news, the Clifftop Challlenge, raising funds for Breast Cancer Now, was held on Saturday. Runner had the option to chose their own distance ranging from 5 miles, all the way up to the 55 mile ultra marathon. Club runner David Tyler came in first overall in an incredible time of around 9 hours 20 minutes. Reports were that he was still looking strong over the finish line! Well done to David. Other club runners who took part were Catriona Watts and Faith Cowell.

Ellie Hayes and Tony Scott both ran in the Saxon Shore Half Marathon. The wind was rather a challenge for the runners. Ellie came in sixth lady position in an amazing time of 01:37:28 and Tony ran in 01:55:28, even with a twisted knee part way round!

Of course, we also have the Park Run results and the current Folkestone Running Club Park Run Cup. This week Phil Maull and Kevin Newman came in at 98.9 V 97.0 points. Deborah Jeffrey scored 101.4 v John Turbutt’s 90.0. Finally, Ivana Collier moves into round 2 with a scored of 105.9 against Neil Trent at 105.2.

Slightly further afield, Ian McGilloway managed to gain the record for the V45 men’s at Walmer and Deal Seafront run, and also a new personal best of 17:26!

Folkestone Park run results were:-

-Joe Bruce (PB 18:43)

-Stuart Erskine (PB 19:11)

-Deborah Jeffrey (20:18)

-Neil Trett (21:38 PB)

-Kirsty Wilson (22:12)

-Ivana Collier (23:19)

-Vicky Scott (23:23)

-Tony Scott (23:29)

-Phil Maull (24:44)

-David Walbrook (25.06)

-Carolyn Lewis (25:31)

-Barry Hogben (25:32)

-Hayley Ballard (25:32)

-Richard Dyer (26:04)

-Luke Fowles (26:40)

-David Rodacan (27:33)

-Julie Gibbs (28:29)

-Julie Gibbs (28:29)

-John Turbutt (29:18)

-Trudi Curd (29:55)

-Margaret Whitham (30:12)

-Louise Fowler (31:46)

-Lyndsey Tighy (35:04)

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