Marathon season begins

It was a busy weekend for Folkestone Running Club with the spring marathon season kicking off in Manchester and Charing with lots of great performances and PBs. 


The Manchester marathon started at 9am on Sunday with 14 FRC runners taking on the 26.2 miles with 20,000 other competitors. David Tyler was first back for the club in 2:52:20 in 376th place overall. Next back was Dan Voller in 2:53:54 (PB) followed by Paul Bartlett 3:25:04 (PB), Stuart Erskine 3:26:03 (PB) , James Whitham 3:19:26(PB), Clive Allon 3:51:16, Kirsty Wilson 3:52:07 (PB), Richard Fowles 3:55:13, Vicky Scott 3:56:37 (PB), Jennifer Quinn 4:19:46, Gary Brazier 4:31:18 (PB), Malcolm Gibbs 4:43:36, Julie Gibbs 4:50:58 and Jane Wren 5:06:37. 


Vicky Green made her marathon debut in Charing at the Kent Spring Marathon finishing in 4:13:00, 47th overall and 3rd lady in her age category. Anthony Scott ran the half marathon and finished 43rd overall in 1:49:41.


There were also a number of half marathons over the weekend. In the Paddock Wood Half Marathon Ian McGilloway finished 60th overall in 1:16:53 (PB) along with David Gillett, 63rd in 1:17:18 (PB), Stuart Sprinks in 1:30:56 (PB) and Liam Cumber in 1:32:56 (PB). At the City of Norwich Half Marathon Torben Jessen finished 43rd overall in 1:24:06 (PB) and was 2nd in his age category. 


Stephen MALE 1st overall (18:34)

Emma CREASEY 1st overall (19:28)

Deborah JEFFERY was first back for the club (21:47) followed by Liam CUMBER (22:15), Anthony SCOTT (23:56), Catriona WATTS (24:30), Luke FOWLES (25:02), Jody STOAKES (25:16), Rupert HOWELL (25:32), Carolyn LEWIS (25:38), Neil ADAMS (26:47), Richard DYER (28:15), Trudi CURD (28:24), Hayley KLUCZYNSKI (28:53), Linda ROBSON (29:03), Louise FOWLER (30:59), Lynsey TIGHY (31:33), Catherine-Anne CURTIS (34:03), Nicola JAMES (37:49), Paul JAMES (37:51), Deirdre COOMBS (42:29) 

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