Winter handicap

The winter handicap is a series of 5 runs, held on Tuesday nights between October and February.

You’ll be given an individual start time with faster runners starting last.

The events are open to all members and you don’t need to pre-register.

After each run, we share a well deserved meal at Three Hills Sports Park.


Important Information for all Runners 

The Winter Handicap has been running for longer than most people at the club can remember and has always proved a popular club night with lots of members getting involved and testing themselves over the challenging route.  

Road running, especially in the dark winter nights we have to contend with for the next few months carries a few inherent risks. In order to keep it enjoyable and most importantly safe for everyone taking part there are a few rules that we ask that everyone abide by: 

All runners MUST wear high vis/reflective clothing or a body/head torch 

No headphones of any description  

Take care at junctions. The route crosses a number of side roads. Do not assume that car drivers have seen you or that they will give way to you. The aim is to get from the start to the finish as quickly as possible, but not at all costs. Marshals are only there to point you in the right direction, it is your responsibility to check the road is clear before crossing.  

The route is designed to be run on foot paths and we ask that runners keep to the pavement. If you choose to run in the road for any section of the course, you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK.  

Additionally there are sections of the course that are poorly lit and with uneven paths, most notably along Grimston Avenue where there are a lot of tree roots and the bottom of Enbrook Valley where leaves collect and it can become slippery in wet weather. Please take extra care along these sections.  


Results by month






Previous years

Winter Handicap results 2022/23

Winter handicap results 2021/22

The 2020/21 series was cancelled.

Winter handicap results 2019/20

Winter handicap results 2018/19


Course record: 23:24 (Joe Bruce, 23 January 2023)

Winter handicap route description



The series is open to full Members and guests of the committee.

To enter the handicap, you need only turn up on the evening of each event: No pre-registration is required. 


The handicap timings will be set by the club handicappers in collaboration with the coaching team and club captains.


No prizes are awarded for individual achievement as part of the handicap, with the series and each event being social in nature.

At their sole discretion, the committee may reward runners for serial participation.

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