Winter 9 – Route description

Three Hills to Tower Theatre, via Tesco.

From Three Hills Sports Park head west (turn right at the park exit) on Cheriton Road.

Follow through to Cheriton High Street, heading toward Tesco superstore.

Turn left onto Horn Street, proceed over Railway bridge.

Turn left onto Church Road.

Turn right onto Royal Military Avenue and follow it until the T-junction.

Turn left at the T-junction.

Tower Theatre to Sandgate High street

Turn right at the next T-junction on to Military Road and follow it downhill.

At Sandgate High street, cross the road safely and turn left (eastbound).

Sandgate High street to Yoko Ono’s Earth Peace

Proceed up Sandgate Hill, all the way until it flattens.

Turn right onto Dixwell Road

Turn left at the Leas and begin running downhill.

Earth Peace to Wear Bay Road

Follow the Leas all the way, running under the World War 1 memorial arch, and down Remembrance Road.

Continue onto Lower Sandgate Road

Continue onto Harbour Street

Turn right onto Tram Road

Turn right onto Radnor Street

Turn left onto North Street

Turn right onto The Durlocks

At the junction, turn right on to Wear Bay Road.

Wear Bay Road to Black Bull Road

Follow Wear Bay Road all the way until Dover Road exchange (by Folkestone Baptist Church).

Cross over onto Hill Road and follow it as it merges onto Black Bull Road.

Black Bull Road to Three Hills

Follow Black Bull Road until it splits at Saint John’s Church, following the path right (so that Saint John’s Church is on your left).

Turn left at the T-Junction cross when safe to Radnor Park.

Heading clockwise around Radnor Park, run up to the play park and Radnor Park Tea Room.

Turn right at Radnor Park Tea Room, and follow the road back to Three Hills Sports Park.

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