Mountain run – route description

Beginning at Three Hills Sports Park, enter via the western gate on to Cherry Garden Avenue.

Run downhill and safely cross into the Premier Inn/Brickfield restaurant carpark.

Follow the access road running behind The Brickfield, bearing left and following the path until it ends.

At the T-junction, head right (under the M20) before turning left to follow the Eurotunnel terminal track.

Follow the gravel trail until it ends at the A20/Ashford Road, continue on the A20 heading downhill.

Turn of the A20 at Frogholt, following the road around and up until it emerges at the Beachborough roundabout.

Just past the bus-stops is the Public Right of Way (PROW) access point with a stile to cross.

Once over the style, follow the fence line to the base of Summerhouse hill, then head right to head around the hill anti-clockwise.

You’ll soon come to a natural chalk path which leads to the summit.

If weather conditions are poor, the safest path back down is to reverse your route up. However, if the ground is dry you can follow a narrow and steep path down the south-face, which is directly opposite your accent route.

If taking the south-face route down, turn left (East) as soon as the ground level and return to the fence-line.

Once at the fenceline, follow your same route along the PROW back to the Beachborough roundabout and follow the A20 eastbound.

Go past the Eurotunner gravel path entrance, proceed up to the A20/Cheriton roundabout and proceed to follow the footpath clockwise to the Cheriton exit.

Follow Cheriton Highstreet all the way back to club, being away of crossings and traffic lights.