By laws

The club by laws outline the rules of our club and alongside the constitution outline the structure and governance of our club.

They can be updated by member proposal at any club committee meeting and ratified by simple majority vote.

The by laws were last updated on 6 June 2021.

1. Subscriptions

a) All subscriptions, where appropriate, will include the England Athletics affiliation fee. A reduced subscription may apply for part-year membership.

b) Annual Junior membership fees will be set at a reduced rate.

c) Social members will pay a reduced annual subscription as no England Athletics fee is applicable.

d) Non competing, Life, or Volunteer members will be no membership fee.

E) Any change in the annual subscription set at the AGM may be applied retrospectively to apply to all members for that year.

2. Subsidised Races

a) The Club may, at the discretion of the Committee, subsidise Full Members and Junior Members (where permitted) for all or part of the entry fee to a limited number of races each year.

b) The races are currently;

i) Hythe Round-the–Houses

ii) various Team-based competitions. For example, the Kent League Cross Country

c) Club kit must be worn by all members whose entry into a race is subsidised

3. Club Kit

a) Club kit will be available only in Club colours and must be worn at any UK athletics registered race when running as an FRC affiliated athlete.

b) All kit ordered by the appointed Kit officer will be supplied to Members at cost price.

c) Some kit in club colours such as crop tops, may be available from various suppliers as “one-off” orders.

4. Club Officers

a) The Executive Officers may hold elections for, or nominate Members for the Ordinary Officers and other duties within the Club. These are currently;

i) Men’s Team Captain

ii) Men’s Team Vice Captain

iii) Women’s Team Captain

iv) Women’s Team Vice Captain

v) Membership Secretary

vi) Social Secretary

vii) Safeguarding Officer

viii) Kit Officer

ix) Lead (or Head) Coaches

x) Coaching Assistants

xi) Folkestone 10 Race Organiser

xii) Cross Country Manager

xiii) Website Manager

xiv) Press Officer 

b) Other roles may be created as needed.

5. Folkestone 10 

a) The Race Organiser will have, subject to approval by the Executive, authority to deploy any Club resource in the organisation & running of the “10”

b) The Race Organiser will have, subject to approval by the Executive, authority to reject race entries from Members whose assistance may be required on race day.

c) The Club will aim, subject to 5a & 5b, to enter competitive teams, selected by relevant captains, in male and female categories. Additionally any full member who has volunteered to assist at the event may, if they wish, enter a wild-card draw for one male and one female entry into the race. 

6. Club competitions

a) During the year, the club may organise a series of internal club competitions. Prizes for the winners of any such events will be awarded to fully paid up members only.

7. London Marathon places.

a) Qualification for entry into the annual draw for the guaranteed entries which may from time to time be awarded to the Club shall be as follows:

i) Have been a Full Member of Folkestone Running Club for at least 2 years on the date of the draw.

ii) Have contributed to the success or running of club  affairs in some capacity either directly or indirectly (effective from the date of the last AGM)

iii)Have entered the London Marathon Draw and been rejected and can provide proof of rejection

iv) Have not run in the previous years marathon

b) The annual draw shall nominate Members equal to the number of guaranteed entries made available to the club.

c) The final decision on which members are entered into the annual draw for any London Marathon guaranteed entries lies with the club captains and chair person.

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