A year long competition, free for members, based on accumulating points at 9 specific Kent-based races or and personal time trials. 

Competitors are grouped into divisions of similar ability, defined by the club’s captaincy team. 

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Current standings

Last updated: 6 June 2023

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Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4


The year’s season will run from 1 April to 31 December.

The 8 scheduled events are: 

  1. Folkestone 10K 28 May
  2. New Romney 10K 23 July
  3. Canterbury Half Marathon 28 August
  4. Don Thompson mile TBC
  5. Folkestone Half Marathon 24 September
  6. Ashford Givaudan 10K TBC (Usually early October)
  7. Kent Cross Country League Event 1 TBC (Usually mid-October)
  8. Deal Castle 5 Mile 5 November
  9. Kent Christmas Cracker 5 Mile TBC

In the event of a race being canceled, or postponed outside of the season duration, the committee will try to find a suitable local race of similar distance to replace it. 

The 4 ‘best time’ events are:

  • Folkestone parkrun
  • any 10K
  • any half-marathon
  • any marathon.

Note: For the purposes of ‘best time’ event scoring, eligible events can take place from 1 January. 


Scoring points

In each event, runners will score points relative to their position compared to others in their division. 

Position (relative to others in division)Points awarded
10th or less1

A runner’s final score will be the sum-total of their highest scoring 6 events, with additional events being added to settle ties. 

In scheduled events position, is based on ‘gun time’ where possible. Where it’s not, chip time will then be used.

In best time events ‘chip time’ will be used. (For Folkestone parkrun the official timings will be used)

To score points in an event, runners must:

  • run as an ‘affiliated’ entry under the club’s name.
  • run under their own name
  • comply with all rules mandated by event organizers.

Result updates

The organisers will publish updated standings on the club website, social media and email within 7 days of a scheduled event (assuming results are issued by the event organiser in time): Best time standings will be updated at the same time.

A 7 day appeal period begins after a standings update is posted to the website, where members can report any issues to

After the appeal period closes, results will be refreshed and considered final for that event.

End of season

At the season’s end, final standings will be posted and members will be given a final reminder to send their ‘best-times’ to the organiser. 

Division winners will be awarded trophies at the club AGM. 

Unlike previous years, there will be no automatic promotion/demotion between divisions but the club captains will consider individual performance over the year when determining next year’s groupings: There will also be no mid-season entries in this year’s competition.

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