Parkrun Challenge Cup

A knock-out competition in which runners are randomly drawn against each other in a head-to-head competition at Folkestone parkrun.

There are two competitions:


The competition administators are:

  • Tim Warren
  • Darren Crew

Contact the administers via


To compete in the Challenge Cup, you must:

  • be a current paid up member of the club
  • have already set a time at Folkestone parkrun in 2019
  • register for a free parkrun account.

The entry window will open at the discretion of the competition administrators in Spring 2019 and will close when 64 members have claimed places.

The entry window will be announced in advance on our website, closed Facebook group and by email.

B Cup entry

B cup places will initially be offered to runners eliminated from first round of the A cup.

Any available spaces will be offered via email and the club’s closed Facebook group on a first-come-first-served basis.


Runners will be randomly drawn against their round 1 opponents by the competition administrators.

The draw dates will be announced in advance on our website, closed Facebook group and by email.


Runners will arrange the dates of their own ties and inform the competition administrators.

Runs can only take place at Folkestone parkrun and both runners should set their times on the same event.

Split dates

In the event that a date cannot be mutually agreed, runners may set their times over separate events. However dates must be set in advance and submitted to the competition administrators.

Once a runner has set a time, their opponent must stick to their agreed date, even if the conditions are unfavourable, or risk forfeit.

For this reason, runners should endeavour where possible to run the same event as their opponent.

Scoring points

Each runner will race against their own target time with their score representing their performance against it.

For example, your target time is 0:30:00. On race day you:

  • match it – your score is 100
  • run 0:28:30 (5% faster) – your score is 105
  • run 0:31:30 (5% slower) – your score is 95

The runner with the highest point score, not the fastest time, is the winner.

Your target score for round 1 will be your seasons best Folkestone parkrun time, plus 30 seconds: You can choose to specify a harder target if you wish but this will not be forced upon you.

Your target score for rounds 2 and onward will simply be your season’s best parkrun.

If a runner improves their seasons best on, or between, rounds, they will reset their seasons best and give themselves a harder target to beat.


Results will be calculated by the race administrators as soon as possible on each Saturday where a race takes place.

Results are posted on this webpage, the club’s closed Facebook group and on the club’s physical notice board.