Leas 5K challenge

A 5 kilometre (5K) time trial for club members using the Folkestone parkrun alternate route.

Runners should follow current UK Government guidence when running solo.

There will be three rounds, each lasting two weeks. Round 3 closed on Sunday 19 July.


Round 1

Round 2

Round 3


Start at the official parkrun start, heading up the leas toward the grand.

Turn around on the SECOND marker, not the first one.
The marker is a circulular parkrun logo painted in white on the ground.

Run back down the promenade staying on the top path.
Don’t take the lower path through the vinery!

Turn on the bottom marker (painted on the ground) near the World War 1 memorial arch.

Run all the way back up the Leas to the second marker again and turn around staying on the promenade (top path).

Finish at the official parkrun finish.