Intraclub summer relay challenge

The intraclub summer relay challenge was a closed event for Folkestone Running Club members beginning on May 8

Members ran legs of the designated route, which then contributed to their team’s cumulative time.

There were three events; one in each of May, June, and July: At the end of the series, the points will be added up to declare the winning team.


Results will be published on Open Track at the end of each month.

View results on Open Track

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Please remember this is for fun, to keep us all going, and motivated!

Catherine O’Connor – Lead coach


  • You cannot run multiple times and pick your best effort.
  • Submissions must be made on the online submission form.


Teams were drawn on Monday 4 May.

The coaching team used Grand-prix standings, as well as their own judgement, to select fair and balanced teams of 5 people.

View teams on Open Track.


Watch a cycle-through of the route

View the segment on Strava