Weekly core workout

Each week we’re in lockdown, our lead coach will publish a core workout to help you build core strength, and build resilience in your joints and muscles.

Try to complete this 3 times a week but work to your own fitness levels and don’t over do it: Don’t forget to warm-up before, and stretch after.

You can also view previous workouts.

This weeks workout

This workout is centred around the muscle groups needed for a runner. We need to use all of our muscles and body to run, but some we use more and are more relevant for our running technique, and to build strength.

Catherine O’Connor – Lead coach

Quick list

Do each of these exercises for 1 minute, emphasis on technique not speed! Take time to hold the positions and really work those muscles. Have a rest in between the sets. Complete all three groups then repeat 3 times.

Mountain climbers

Plank and side plank



Dorsal (dolphin) raise


Back extension (cobra)


Russian Twist

Oblique crunch

Hip roll


This weeks movements include:

  • Isometric exercises – To build core, trunk stability and Strength to help achieve optimal body posture.
  • Extension exercises – These can improve back and hip alignment and mobility, strengthen hip placement and minimise stress on joints.
  • Rotational exercises – Improve your mobility, increase the speed you can roll your hips, therefore increase running speed.

Isometric exercises

Mountain climbers

From a high plank position, alternate drive your knees toward your core at fast pace. Keep your back straight and your core tight.

Mountain climber form

Support your body on your toes and forearms, holding your body level and your back straight.

Plank form
Side plank

For a side plank, bold your body weight and one forearm and stack your feet, using your core to keep your body straight.

Side Plank | The 3 Exercises You Need For a Healthy Back and ...

Lie flat on your back, bend your knees with your heels placed near your bottom. Push your hips upwards, and hold for 3 to 4 seconds before gently lowering to the floor.

Bridge form

Go on all fours, extend right arm and left leg, do not twist hips, keep alternating.

Superman form

Extension exercises

Dorsal (dolphin) raise

Lay on your front with your toes facing the floor. Raise your head and chest with control and hold for 3 to 4 seconds.

Dolphin raise form

Lay on your front on the floor, keep legs straight, arms by your side, palms up, lift your head and neck and hold, engage glutes relax, repeat

Dart form
Back extension (cobra)

Lay on the floor with your hands palm down, just behind your shoulders. push through your arms whilst raising your chest and hold for 3 to 4 seconds.

Best Cobra Stretch GIFs | Gfycat



Take this super slow! Lay on your back, bring knees up to 90 degrees with hands at temples and head and shoulders off the floor. Gently bring your left elbow and right knees together, making a cycling action motion alternating sides.

Bicycle form
Russian twist

Resting on your sitting bones with your legs of the ground, slowly rotate your abdomen without twisting your legs, from side to side.

Russian twist form
Oblique crunch

Lay on your back, knees bent, hands at side of head. Engage your core and lift head and shoulders off floor. Rotate your upper body, right elbow to left knee, holt this then lie down then repeat on other side.

Oblique crunch gif
Hip roll

Lay on back with arms stretched out to sides. Pull knees up to 90 degrees, drop knees to left and onto floor, keeping at 90 degrees, pulling back up to centre, drop to right and repeat.

Hip roll form